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In Conversation

[Translate] Send to Kindle (The Audio is a selected 18 minute excerpt of the Hour long interview) In Conversation Dr.Lobsang Sangay-Prime Minister-elect- Central Tibetan Administration. His Excellency Dr. Lobsang Sangay the newly elected Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration. Upon him rests the responsibility to guide the Tibetan movement and to resume the dialogue with China and also to enhance the welfare of the Tibetan refugee community in exile.                                                           Q.) How do you see the Tibetan issue? Dr.Sangay.) There is one country two system inChinainHong Kong. Why notTibet? That’s the question. Because Hong Kong andMacaupeople are Han Chinese. But then the Chinese argument has been thatHong Konghas had a different business … Read entire article »


DZYADZORM Says Yes- Chapter 1!

[Translate] Send to Kindle This is the First Chapter of the Short Novel ‘Dyadzorm Says Yes’ by Adjoa Essel, stay tuned at The Arachneed as we bring to you this amazing novel from Africa. Every Friday a new chapter shall be published. - CHAPTER ONE Dzyadzorm dabbed some powder on her face and put on her silver earring. Her brows were perfectly arched and her glosed lips curved into a lopsided smile. ‘Are you ready now?’ Berta asked. Dzyadzorm nodded and led the way out of the room. Simon, Berta’s fiance was waiting outside the house in his car when Dzyadzorm arrived. She quickly got on board and took the back seat where her other friend Ajovi was already seated. Berta joined them shortly and Simon drove off as soon as everyone was comfortably seated. The … Read entire article »


Dear Bohemian Man: A Poetic Rendezvous

[Translate] Send to Kindle The Arachneed brings to you an exclusive interview with poetess Subi Taba, a distinguished personality from India’s North Eastern region. In 2013 Subi was adjudged as the first runners up at the Miss North East beauty contest.Thus beyond the glamorous arena Subi is a serious thinker and a researcher at work pursuing her Phd in Horticulture at Assam Agricultural university.This anthology should certainly inspire aspiring poets to publish their works and contribute to make life much more beautiful. In this interview Subi talks about her convergence with Poetry, her life as a popular personality and the nuances of life as an author and as a model. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Subi, thanks much for  talking to The Arachneed, … Read entire article »

Interview with a peace journalist

[Translate] Send to Kindle   It was in Lebanon – one of the world’s most sectarian countries – that I met my first “peace- journalist”. What that implies we’ll try to find out during this interview with Vanessa Bassil.   Vanessa, you’re a 26-year-old young peace-journalist. What does that mean exactly? - It started already in 2009 after my degree in journalism and my masters in political sciences when I met Jake Lynch. Who’s that? - He’s a BBC-reporter and became my mentor. Now he teaches at Sydney University but he’s a pioneer in peace- journalism and as soon as I heard him speak about it, I adhered to his ideas. Does there exist any such studies though? - Not exactly. There is however one … Read entire article »

Eyes Without a Face

[Translate] Send to Kindle   Eyes without a Face I suddenly jumped out of a mysterious lingering dream that seems to be haunting But didn’t quite leave me out screaming, A wandering eye scans the vast space in time reflecting with a weary stare quite saddening. Through this crystalline mirror I witnessed how the world came to be How it was created by the invisible hand of our loving Almighty Out of love He gave life to things that are meant to be magnificent, stunning and carefree, That’s the genesis of it all but look at how terror in this once peaceful paradise now reign People inflicting each other incessant pain, What happened to this once beautiful Earth His masterpiece? Can we ever find harmony and eternal bliss? These … Read entire article »

Report India Rice Charity 9th May 2015 Narsipatnam.

[Translate] Send to Kindle If the idea of compassion prevailed then the world would be a better place, at least the hope of a better tomorrow gets strengthened by a compassionate action and thus such is the gist of the #IndiaRiceCharity in Narasimhapatnam (Narsipatnam). As part of the long standing commitment of Dennis Barbion (Karma Dondub) towards unison of global efforts against poverty, #IndiaRiceCharity is cherished as one among the most impactful charter of action that materializes the ethos of compassion, charity and activism in its purest form. Thus to contextualize, North Coastal Andhra Pradesh is a region facing severe problems of poverty and malnutrition. Albeit, it isn’t North Coastal Andhra alone, but across the  Indian sub continent, poverty … Read entire article »

The Path of Compassion Charity Activism..

[Translate] Send to Kindle “We are the heirs of our own actions.” said the Buddha and so also is our own relevance as people, as humans as sentient beings. In a world where antagonism dominates over harmony, where people prey then rather pray, we see an exception, an exception of a kind that seeks to walk unto the path as we were all suppose to do so, not as members of a group or a religion or a community but as people, as beings in this world, which is neither yours or neither mine but is rather ours. Karma Dondub Dennis Barbion from Belgium emerges as one such exception who since past decade or so has been … Read entire article »


[Translate] Send to Kindle Human mind is like an elf with no self only succumbing to emotions . An orphan rainbow child , unguided and not loved yet so grounded, her presentation is so detailed and perfect. This project ,of drawing bottles by the family appears to have been done by the art teacher adding glamour,variation and oomph factor. The emotional mind works wonders in the maths class as her birthday is approaching . She is looking forward to the family reunion. In case of a disappointment as in the case the child’s parents could not celebrate her birthday as the mother had to be admitted for confinement. She was so sullen and depressed that her performance slackened till … Read entire article »

EATING VEGETARIAN DURING SAKA DAWA 2015. (from 19th May until 16th June 2015)

[Translate] Send to Kindle Saka Dawa is the “month of merits” for Tibetan Buddhists. It’s one of the most sacred Buddhist holidays, when the birth, Enlightenment and death (paranirvana) of Buddha Shakyamuni is celebrated, the three most important events in his life. Tibetan Buddhists believe that during Saka Dawa, the karmic results of virtuous and non-virtuous actions are magnified. All Buddhists, lay or ordained, observe it with the practice of accumulation and purification. This is a month especially dedicated to “making merit”. The merit of any good deeds during this month are considered to be multiplied many times, by as much as one hundred million times, so it’s an excellent time to dedicate ourselves to all kinds of positive … Read entire article »

GYAC-Liberia Holds Two Days Youth Integrity Summit

[Translate] Send to Kindle The Liberian Chapter of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC-Liberia) has ended its two days anti-Corruption and integrity summit in Monrovia from March 27-28, 2015. The event was a two days gathering of Liberian youth and students leaders. It is a broad concept that supports youth, youth organizations and other stakeholders to raise youth voices against corruption. The event enables youth organizations to involve and mobilize youth as active stakeholders for transparency and accountability in governance. The summit aims to increase youth participation against corruption, promote transparency, accountability and ethical leadership among youth and student leaders. The Youth Anti-Corruption & Integrity Summit 2015 was held for two days March 27-28. Over one hundred young persons … Read entire article »

Global Rising against Poverty: 1,700 kg of rice donated to more than 600 people in India

[Translate] Send to Kindle Hyderabad: Hunger and poverty are an omnipresent reality across the South Asian region and in the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in India. Even urban areas are not an exception, thus in an effort to rise up to counter hunger and poverty, a determined team of volunteers rose up in action under the initiative of Karma Dondub Dennis Barbion from Belgium and his close friend Arnav Anjaria, in Hyderabad from the 14th to 16th February 2015. The diverse team of volunteers included Dr. MN Rajesh, Jai Praash Bishnoi, Devilal Kumawat, Mubarak, Tenzin Chozin, Sangay Tamang, Narasimha Murthy, Rachagorla Balaji, Atoosa Bahadoori and Mohsen Hallaj. The event can be marked as the clarion … Read entire article »

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