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(The Audio is a selected 18 minute excerpt of the Hour long interview) In Conversation Dr.Lobsang Sangay-Prime Minister-elect- Central Tibetan Administration. His Excellency Dr. Lobsang Sangay the newly elected Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration. Upon him rests the responsibility to guide the Tibetan movement and to resume the dialogue with China and also to enhance the welfare of the Tibetan refugee community in exile.                                                           Q.) How do you see the Tibetan issue? Dr.Sangay.) There is one country two system inChinainHong Kong. Why notTibet? That’s the question. Because Hong Kong andMacaupeople are Han Chinese. But then the Chinese argument has been thatHong Konghas had a different business or commercial … Read entire article »


The Festival of Arts Water and Earth

Promoting a festival as an educational strategy, it may be an unusual idea, but also a great opportunity to help transform the lives of children, youth and women and rural communities. Something is not right in a country like Colombia with an emerging economy, the fourth in Latin America, ironically, is one of the countries with the greatest social inequality in the world, over 50 years of armed violence (between legal groups, guerrillas, paramilitaries and criminal gangs) in recent years has aggravated the urban and domestic violence with all its disastrous consequences, where the most affected are children and women; official statistics say that about 45% of the population lives in poverty and extreme poverty, this means, difficult access to health services, education, sanitation and drinking water; in the department of … Read entire article »


“No slave set. All free”: The Novad Collective and Apocalyptic Freedom

On Oct. 3, 2011, about one hundred Occupy zombies marched across from the New York Stock Exchange, a direct action that not only satirized the emptiness in the heart of American capitalism but announced what was soon demonstrated to be widespread utter estrangement from the neoliberal agenda. Of course, the feeling was mutual. The violent expulsion of the encampments in New York and around the country reframed the conflict between the left and the neoliberal hegemony in military terms. The next four or five months saw a continued escalation of repressive force, with the massing of police at demonstrations, use of helicopters, rubber bullets, snatch and grab arrests, and the infiltration of local groups. The … Read entire article »

The concept of African Oil and Curse Resources

Africa still remains one of the continents with huge oil reserves and potentials and yet the continent continue to remain a curse in the eyes of many as such oil, gas and other natural resources do not actually benefit them. Most countries with oil reserves in Africa and whose GDP is highly dependent on oil, gas and natural resources turn to face challenges like the Dutch disease, oil and gas volatility, political instability as well as economic instability who all sum up to make oil production in such countries a curse. The Dutch Disease is considered by economist as a situation where there is an increase in the exploitation of natural resources with increase revenue in that sector and a decline in the manufacturing … Read entire article »

International awareness campaign “UMAYLAM: Middle Way Approach” launched by Tibetan leader

Most concerted effort to date’ to secure basic freedom through genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people His Holiness the Dalai Lama blesses the Middle Way Approach Campaign DHARAMSALA, INDIA, JUNE 5, 2014: THE Central Tibetan Administration’s leader, or Sikyong, today unveiled the administration’s most concerted effort to date to bring about basic freedom for Tibetan people. Four years after talks reached a stalemate in 2010 and following the self-immolation of 130 Tibetans since 2009, Dr. Lobsang Sangay said the Middle Way Approach Campaign would help people across the globe understand exactly what the Tibetan people were calling for – genuine autonomy. ~ “The Middle Way Approach information materials – including an interactive website, short documentary video, Social Media campaign, … Read entire article »

Dhasa Tibetan Women’s Basketball Tournament Summer: 2014 Concluded Successfully

  Dharamsala: Dhasa Tibetan Women’s Basketball Tournament that started on 25th May 2014, as initiated by Ms. Tenzin Tseyang, who is the head of Women’s Empowerment Desk, concluded on 2nd June 2014. Regional Tibetan Women’s Association team won the Dhasa Tibetan Women’s Basketball Tournament 2014 championship. The eight teams that took part in the tournament are Drogmo, Tibetan Career Centre, Ex-TCV, Gu Chu Sum, Tibetan Women’s Football, Regional Tibetan Women’s Association; Dhasa, Norbu Linga and Department of Home. The Grand Finale was played on 2nd June 2014 between Regional Tibetan Women’s Association and Tibetan Women’s Football team. Mr. Penpa Tsering la, the speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile graced this event as the chief guest. Ms. … Read entire article »

The Song of Krishna

My life has become a tangled web of misery: A convoluted and complex entity, skewing to uncertainty. In the spiritual realm I am trapped inside the abyss; Millions of light years away from eternal bliss;   Doomed to a recurrent existence, with no end in sight; And my only option is to persevere, with fright. I call on the great Lord Krishna for enlightenment; He waves his magic, immersing me in refinement,   Guiding me through this Herculean task at hand, While all the time whispering, hand in hand. He chants softly, his Pearls of Wisdom, Proclaiming the Divine Kingdom.   I am speechless, in a deep psychedelic trance, As he unravels the whole universe at a glance. Clouds of confusion slowly dissipate, And through this limpidity I accept my fate.   He chronicles the right way to act in the battleground of life, While exercising detachment from all sorts of strife. He sprinkles his scintillating wisdom, devouring me, Taking immediate effect and decontaminating me.   As I hear a robin crooning, perched on a tree, An apparition of Krishna appears, summoning me. As I look up to the clouds, grief­stricken, Krishna appears with his angelic twinkle, and I am smitten.     Krisha’s lullaby lingers in the air, Waiting for more hopefuls to snare; Only the enlightened few will discern its scent, And confess it to be truly heaven sent. I pay homage to my savior, my mentor and my celebrity; And shall endeavor to keep him in the vicinity for eternity. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shahrokh Sharifrazy is a writer, a mathematician and a poet  – not all at the same time though. He originally hails from Iran. … Read entire article »

The Caged Bird Sang

    The caged bird sang a song of hope When long the day, to help her cope With a song of freedom from despair A cry to every caged bird where They are in fear to fly   Her melody erased the rage Of birds who stalk their narrow cage Imprisoned birds were loosed the day They turned their cheek the other way And chose to join in song   Oh how the others sang along With heartfelt joy, they sang her songs On distant hills and dawn-bright lawns The sound of freedom rang   One fair morning with the dew With lifted wing, away she flew Freely leaping with the wind In orange sun rays, did ascend To name the sky her own  ’The Arachneed Journal through this poem by poetess Kay Salady thus pays its tribute … Read entire article »


Beernem (Belgium), 13th May 2014:  On Tuesday 13th May 2014,  Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring (Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends) has organized a peaceful silent demonstration for the Tibetan refugees in Belgium in front of the building of the Council for Foreigners Disputes in Brussels. The action was an initiative of our special Working Group “Help for Tibetans in Flanders”. About 118 people in total have participated in the manifestation, around 110 Tibetans and 8 Belgian Tibet supporters. The silent demonstration lasted one hour and twenty minutes. Slogans were shown on placards: “India never signed the refugee convention”, “Tibet -> India -> Belgium -> no man’s land?”, “We have never been recognized as refugees”, “In Tibet oppression, in India uncertainty, in Belgium uncertainty, where … Read entire article »

#Bring Back Our Girls

#Bring Back Our Girls The hopes of many youth are made shaky,insecure and erratic, Why has the sweetness of tranquility and peaceful existence turned sour, Mothers are wailing, Fathers are weary, *we want our girls back*bring our girls* For how long shall we weep, Our voices have gone faint, and our eyes made sick, Our heart are saddened and our fears are no longer mediocre, Our tremble are not bogus we seek Peace, stop the killing, *We want our girls*bring our girls* If for a moment the pains we feel the whole world could know, Then we will all assemble and cry solemnly to God for peace, militant menace must stop, we seek peace, we want … Read entire article »

Stolen in Numbers

Stolen in Numbers              Young virgins not yet ripe for the plucking are disappeared into thin air and the numbers are many 200 how can that be. Very suspicious and the leaders are weak. How can it take two weeks to speak. What have you done Where are our daughters Educated beautiful young and sweet. Crying out,to get out But no one is looking but there mothers, sisters and brothers. No ones searching but their Fathers and uncles and cuzzins what happen to the Army?  Where is the Military where is the President? Are they going to be forced become  wives of your enemies ? are the going to be incubators to bore their children and eventually learn to love their capturers? that learn to love their capturers…  Because you showed no concern for their return?  Where are our … Read entire article »

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