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This time for Africa..

It would be apt to quote Wangari Maathai when she said “It is important to nurture any new ideas and initiatives which can make a difference for Africa”. The Arachneed, today takes pride in featuring an article by Ndecham Clifford, the founder of Education for Development.  Clifford’s intitiative makes us say “this time for Africa”- signing off..Arnav Anjaria.   EDUCATION 4 DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (E4DF) was created in 2010 by a group of Cameroonian youngsters with me being its founding executive director. Created with the will to educate people to empower their community. E4DF stands by the Chinese Proverb “If you are planning for a year, plant Rice. If you are planning for two years, plant trees; If you are planning for life, educate a person” it is therefore our sole reason for engaging … Read entire article »

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Human = Human

Human = Human while Myanmar boss is scolding to the Burmese child-labors Japanese oldie is donating to the Burmese youngstersduring genocidal civil war between similar ethnics German doctor is helping African patienceAww with passionate love we don’t need to be the same race officially we all are family while parents threw out their own offspring Jolie is adopting children of different nations Monastery is feeding refugees with full of passion Aww passion is magic no need to be relatives we all are family Don’t talk me Nazism pretending to be nationalism instead of drama, why war movies are plenty among the different ethnics historical lessons are collecting rubbish rather than jewels with which reason, human beings have only eye If one group desires to influence others the whole world will have scars If hatreds filled to all, Hammurabi will influence rather than gods humanity is reducing their own power by installing weapons of war that start with hatred in the mind … Read entire article »

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