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Jamphel Lhamo..the resolute warrior..

On April 17th.. The Arachneed edit team was up an running at around 1 am in the night when our esteemed Tibet Page editor Jamphel Lhamo updated her status update on Facebook, asking people to gather opposite the Chinese Embassy in London. The Arachneed was on its sleeves to spread the word and help propagate the message loud and clear. Not an activist but rather Jamphel is  just a free willin student in London and she happens to be the editor of the Tibet Page on The Arachneed. Jamphel stands as an inspiration for youth across the globe who strive to stand up for change and for a better tomorrow. She also the admin on very popular group called I WANT TO SEE MY COUNTRY TIBET BEFORE I DIE Her dedication and … Read entire article »

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With Love, to the world! ‘Walk the Talk’ Lessons the World can learn from ‘The Naga Blog’.

“Oh Yea…. All our campaigns are organized, planned out and implemented online…Strictly cyber activism”, writes Yan Fo Kikon. Planned online, made real! Meet the new face of activism. Social networking can be this powerful! Talk about Egyptian and Tunisian cyber activism that launched revolutions? In a corner of India, there is a similar revolution happening in Nagaland. Cyber activism with a non-violent face; deeds of love and compassion extended to those in need! The Naga Blog (TNB), a popular platform for facebooking Nagas (as well as esteemed non-Nagas participants), stands out from any other group. It is not all about debates and discussions concerning every issue under the heavens that gives TNB this virtue. It is the humane gestures members of this group have initiated during hours of need when … Read entire article »

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BUNGAKU Ku lukiskan kau di sebuah kanvas                                             Senyummu manis kubanggakan  Bulan itu mengatakan  Cintaku seperti kopi surga Cintaku menjadi candu jiwaku Dadaku bergetar  Tak sanggup aku memejamkan mata  Kau berlari ke utara aku akan ke sana Berjalan di bawah hujan membawa kesenangan  Bungaku…… Sutra ungu telah terikat di pinggang mu…. English Translation: MY BLOSSOM I paint you on the canvas Your sweet smile is my pride The moon says My love is like heaven’s coffee My love became my soul addiction My heart trembles I dare not close my eyes Should you run to the north and i will follow you there Walking in the rain brings me joy My blossom …… On your waist, a purple silk is tied …. Ina Ekasari Studied at the Pharmacy School and  is an entrepreneur from … Read entire article »

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Shocked as Unusual

I started my life practically in the midst of a civil war, grew up in a country fighting for independence and in another struggling to end a right-wing fascist regime. Then came my post war dream, the countless times of far too many trips into an African continent in permanent strife, fighting dictators and establishing new dictators, civil unrest and countless sleepless nights and tales of horror. But nothing prepared me for the sight of Breivik on Television, reading his twenty page manifesto of how he perceives his cowardly act to be heroic and in defence of the people of Norway against Multiculturalism.He condemns Marxist dictatorships yet acts swiftly without consent of the people to slaughter innocent children. This is not a crime against Norway and its people, this is a … Read entire article »

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Poverty In Africa

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice.”  – Nelson Mandela A majority of the world’s poorest countries today are in Africa. Of course some African countries like South Africa and Egypt are not quite as poor as others like Angola and Ethiopia. And though in recent years absolute poverty in Africa has shown some slight falls, African income levels have actually been dropping relative to the rest of the world. So poor Africa is getting relatively poorer on average, and 2011 sees drought in North East Africa again bringing the prospect of starvation to millions in the region affecting Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya – and in Somalia religious war has been worsening the famine situation there. The land is a major problem in Africa, with many African countries having confused land ownership so that much useful land is unused – and in some African countries where rainfall is unreliable … Read entire article »

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