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Black Love Vs. Black Lust: Round One

  Goddess Alert!! Everything you have heard up until this moment has been a lie!! We have been lied to about our worth, our value, our heritage, our origin, and the power of our precious yonis…The Shift is here!! Welcome to the “Age of the Return of the Divine Femi9!!” The Daark Goddess has risen, and the presence of the Divine Femi9 Inner(g) is womanifesting on the planet in the form of healing, love, abundance, prosperity, light and sacred sex . The true suns and dawtahs of the Most High Create-Her are ascending and must rise beyond their lower chakras in order to make the shift. Black love is the key. Black love is the way, Black love is the answer. Black love is our origin. Why do I make an emphasis … Read entire article »

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“Losar exhibition in Sint-Niklaas on 9th February 2013 organised by The Tibetan Cultural Center in Belgium”

With the help of Lungta Association Belgium, Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring (Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends), Rewa and Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter, the Tibetan Cultural Center in Belgium (TCC) held a Tibet culture day on the occasion of Losar, the Tibetan New Year. Due to the current situation in Tibet, Tibetan communities are not celebrating Losar this year. Usual celebrations have been cancelled and replaced by prayer festivals to remember all those Tibetans who have self immolated to protest against the lack of freedom and human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese regime. However, on the special occasion of Losar, the Tibetan Cultural Center aimed to show the rich traditional Tibetan culture to the local Belgian people. Unfortunately in the recent years one can hear about Tibet more frequently in relation to sad and … Read entire article »

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First Meeting of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter –

First Meeting of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter – Brussels, February 4th, 2013 – The International Board Members of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter gathered for their first meeting at the beginning of the new year on January 26th in Brussels, Belgium, the EU’s capital. The meeting had multiple aims: Future tasks among the Board Members were discussed and divided, goals and principles for their future cooperation were outlined, while opportunities for fundraising were also discussed and ideas for future events were proposed. TSS, Tibetan Social Service is a Dharamsala-based non-profit organization, aimed at providing free services to the Tibetan Community, with particular emphasis on political awareness-raising, educational support and community service. Its founder, Mr. Chime Youngdung has been active for the empowerment of the Tibetan Community for several years. As … Read entire article »

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