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For the “Capitol Nine”

For the “Capitol Nine” to the nine students who were arrested on April 20, 2010 at the Arizona State Capitol for protesting SB 1070   Francisco X. Alarcón carnalitos y carnalitas brothers and sisters:   from afar we can hear your heart beats   they are the drums of the Earth   our people follow closely your steps   as warriors of justice and peace   you take on the Beast of hatred   the unlawful police enforcement of discrimination   chain yourselves to the doors of the State Capitol   so that terror will not leak out to our streets   your voices your actions your courage   can’t be taken way from us and put in jail   you are nine young warriors like nine sky stars   you are the hope the best dreams of our nation   your faces are radiant as the Sun   they will break this dark night for a new day   yes, carnalitas and carnalitos: all our sisters all our brothers   need no papers to prove once and for all   “we are humans just like you are– we are not criminals”   our plea comes to “No … Read entire article »

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Clearing Negative Energy Part 2

(This is the second of the two part articles. The first is here) I hadn’t really planned on writing a part two to this article,but so many people ask me about self-protection that I thought I might add another post on the topic.  Self-protection isn’t hard, but I find a lot of people, particularly women are reticent to invoke self-protection.  Many people feel that they are in some way rejecting others or maybe disrespecting them in some way or that there is something wrong in distancing themselves from others.  I don’t believe this to be true at all. Not everyone’s energy rubs us the right way, for a variety of reasons.  Some people’s energy is too scattered or hectic or overpowering for some reason that they make us uncomfortable.  Self-protection from these individuals is … Read entire article »

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On Friday March 1, 2013 an informative Tibet evening was held in the clubhouse of tennis Aquila in Wingene, Belgium. The theme of the evening was “Tibet, a country, a people, a culture that is suppressed… case closed or just very topical?” This evening was organized by the Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends that is based in Beernem, the Red Cross Flanders, the municipality of Wingene and Oxfam World Shop. The program included several lectures on Tibet and Tibetan songs by four members of the Tibetan community. The fifty attendees were warmly welcomed by Paul Vanlaere, integration employee of the Red Cross refugee center in Wingene. He emphasized that the evening was organized at the request of the Tibetan girls themselves, to testify about what is happening in their homeland and the oppression … Read entire article »

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Clearing Negative Energy Part 1

One of my students recently e-mailed me, wondering if she hadn’t picked up something negative after sending Reiki to someone who is ill.  As she had just been attuned, she was also afraid she somehow “wasn’t doing it right.” Two  things new Reiki people need to keep in mind is that immediately after a Reiki attunement, your body, mind and spirit go through a cleansing process, shedding negative energies and influences that have attached to you.   Many times, new initiates (as well as Reiki clients) go through what is called a “healing crisis” where underlying physical, mental or spiritual issues rise to a conscious level in order to be healed.  It may seem as if you have suddenly become ill, but in actuality your body is healing from dis-ease you didn’t … Read entire article »

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