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“Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Fiends (Belgium) writes to the European leaders”

  Beernem, Belgium: Tibetan Circle of Friends (Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring), based in Belgium, has recently written to the members of the European Parliament urging greater cooperation and solidarity with other concerned governments over the issue of Tibet. The letter, undersigned by Dennis Barbion, President of Tibetan- Belgium has been sent to the President of European Parliament and to the European President Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, but also to: – Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Mr. Thomas Mann, President of the Tibet Intergroup in the EP – all the Chairmen of the different political groups in the EP (9 people) – MEP Mrs. Olinka Harmegnies and MEP Mrs. Kristina Ojuland who have organized conferences about Tibet and the Uyghur people at the EP – Mr. Elio di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium – Mr. Didier Reynders, Minister of Foreign … Read entire article »

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France…the new situation….the world

Humanity is in a trap of consumerism.Children think that mushrooms grow in the supermarket … it is stupid … people play zombies in the subway, on the streets, they all go buried in mobile phones- why not books ? the children singing “opaganamstyle” ! where is everything going to? about the great literary creations are not aware …aware only of the shot films viewed in stupid glasses. How do we look like? girl of fifteen years, if not sooner, carrying the the stories of whores, and we are proud of these adventures. Nasty! Disgusting! must be respected, but no one will ever respect this. Girls you want princes ? hmm. Princes have already found other princes. mMn are becoming vulnerable, such well-maintained and the nature of hysteria on a diet. Men give … Read entire article »

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Power:Acquisition and Exploitation.

  Power can be a ‘blessing’ or a ‘burden’; it is a blessing when in the hands of a righteous individual,like ‘Gandhi,’ but in the hands of a corrupt, ‘power hungry’ tyrant (as is always the case), it is a terrible burden.     Power is abused throughout our world, by ‘Princes’, ‘Kings’, ‘Presidents’, ‘Prime ministers’ and ‘leaders’, to suppress individuals and their liberty.   The new ‘masters of the universe’, the ‘Oligarchs’, are extremely greedy and corrupt; they want it all, but ‘all’ is not enough; they seem to have an ‘insatiable’ appetite for expanding their sphere of influence and basically ‘devouring and conquering’ as they move along.   If there is one lesson to be learnt from history, it is this: No ‘mortal’ should be allowed to rule over another mortal. Power only belongs to our … Read entire article »

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Pushing us into Feminism

Fem-i-nism/ ‘femə nizəm:Noun ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of  political, social, and economic equality to men.’     I’m not one to label myself, not because I’m afraid of the label per se, but because I do not believe that I know enough about any ideology to claim subscription to it. However, as per the above definition of feminism, I guess I’d be a raging feminist. I’d like to assume that’s a good thing. I’d like to think that there is a world where that is a good thing, but therein lies the paradox. If there indeed existed a world where such thought process were celebrated, would one need to separately advocate it? I see television shows today, (I must admit I watch very few so this is by no stretch … Read entire article »

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Launching the website of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter.

Gent, Belgium : Several months after the initial establishment, the website of Tibetan Social Service Belgian Chapter is now ready. Following the preparations for its introduction and a hard work done by our webmaster, our supporters, partners and friends, interested in the issues of Tibet, are now able to learn more about us, our vision and mission and about our projects on You are invited to check us out in more details and to share your opinion and comments with us.  Among its first contributions, TSS Belgium is going to provide support to two relevant projects, introduced by TSS, namely, the projects on ‘Rehabilitation by Recycling’ and on ‘Guidance and Support for New Arrivals from Tibet’.  The first project is focused on Tibetan youth with drug problems and its aim is … Read entire article »

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Beernem, Belgium: After a shoe project for the Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala (2011), the renovation of the new TIPA Museum in Dharamsala (2009-2012), the construction of a mortuary for the Old People’s Home in Chauntra (2012), and a diapers project for the Jampaling Elderly Home in Dharamsala (2012), the Belgian association Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends (Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring) has started projects in Mainpat, one of the poorest Tibetan Settlements across India. The people in Mainpat encounter many problems because of the impurity of the groundwater. Because of the bauxite mining in the area, the groundwater in Mainpat is contaminated. The monsoon rains are also a cause of the contamination of the water, with diseases like malaria as a result. Therefore, the Belgian organization has set up a water filter project last year. … Read entire article »

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