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A Legion of Ants

We are a legion of ants; we are a mechanical order which is in constant motion: waking, working, eating, sleeping – then back to working. We are not permitted to think, or question the ‘status quo’ – but to do as we are told, like a colony of ‘ants’; they are born to work, until they die – so are we. Creativity has been ‘flushed’ into oblivion. In essence, we’ve been dropped into a virtual ‘sieve’ – where we get filtered through, and the ‘lumps’ that get clogged in the mesh are: creativity, individualism, critical thinking, questioning authority, empathy – and so on. We are indoctrinated from a young age on how to think, what to think, what to like, and what to feel – by the most dangerous invention to date: the … Read entire article »

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Poetic Heptagon with Brian Stark..

1. “with what she says”   If Silence is Betrayal– what does that say about our behavior? And if Immortal Technique is the Best– why do I not hear such a Blessed Vision! NOFX makes me BOP my head like Wu-tang– Yet what’s the point of Truth when Love doesn’t pay… To Whom does Our Silence betray; the Stars, our Daughters, the World, or just Us? O! Keep your coins– I just want Change! 2 “what is that poem about first” What the what are you fighting for, starting pain doesn’t end up well; is your soul so swell not fit in shell. Down by the sea shore life endures…. all children should able splash in waves! (no matter homeland, religion, nor creed) I plead! As all great men have before me! It is easy to do bad and hard doing good; I can’t wait to die—-get away from you. Before I will go, I’ll … Read entire article »

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