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Tibetan Women’s Association celebrates 29th re-founding Anniversary in Exile

(Below is the Text of the Statement Issued by the Tibetan Womens Association on the 29th year of Re-Establishment of TIbetan Women’s Association) Today as we celebrate the 29th year of re-establishment of Tibetan Women’s Association in exile. Foremostly, we heartly honour and remember all the great women martyrs who led and took part in the greatest uprising on March 12, 1959 and bravely sacrificed their lives in the struggle. We share our solidarity with all our brothers and sisters who set themselves alive with fathomless courage and dream to free Tibetans from Chinese repression and make every Tibetan’s dream come true. TWA is a historic association run by Tibetan women from all three provinces to struggle against Chinese oppression, take equal responsibility to preserve her unique culture and to maintain a high-quality of social and political activism. It … Read entire article »

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Black Love vs. the Ego: Part II Mama Said “Knock You Out”

“Fifteen-year-old Deshaun Jones had spent much of the summer hanging out in the neighborhood where he died last weekend, gunned down as he sat on a porch just before his first day at Frederick Douglass High School…”   (Jessica Anderson. “Deshaun Jones, Teen Killed in Weekend Baltimore Shooting Was Aspiring Rapper Lor D’Shaun – Baltimore Sun.” THE BALTIMORE SUN 26 Aug. 2013. Web. 6 Sept. 2013.)   With the recent murders in the city of Baltimore, I wanted to remind us of our greatness and what we represent globally and universally. This article is dedicated to D’shaun Jones , a 15 year old brilliant star who shot down in the violent streets of Baltimore. As the Ravens start their season to defend their championship, I give you this offering.    The Black Man is the … Read entire article »

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