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  DHARAMSALA: The Tibetan Social Service (TSS) is a non-profit organization aimed at providing free services to the Tibetan community, with its main office at TIPA Road in Mc Leod Ganj, Dharamsala, India. TSS was founded by Mr. Chime Youngdung on 1st October 2012. The first anniversary and the first annual meeting of Tibetan Social Service took place on 19th October, 2013, at Hotel Tibet in Mc Leod Ganj, with the TSS Staff Members, the International Board Members of TSS and the TSS Coordinators from different places in India, Austria, USA, Belgium, Germany, Ecuador and Vietnam. In the morning there was an Opening Ceremony, in the afternoon the TSS Staff and TSS Coordinators discussed the new projects.  Afterwards, the financial report of the first year was read and there was an exchange of ideas … Read entire article »

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Politics of identity in Georgia

In the contemporary dynamic reality, globalisation is paradoxically accompanied by strengthening and restructuring of regionalisation processes, demonstrating competing integration and fragmentation trends, of alternately strengthening democracy and authoritarianism, influencing the flow of on-going changes. While the forces of globalisation drive the world towards more uniformity and homogeneity, often the same intricate forces fuel the struggles to maintain or reconstitute historically specific group identities vis-á-vis the processes of de-individuation and fading of these identities. The conflict unfolding between traditional, waning and new, rising identities constitutes one of the most spectacular dramas of the contemporary world, with subsequent acts still obscure and unknown. At the same time in many transitional societies politicians have learned to imitate, although with different skills, the formal aspects of democratic institutions, while political leaders love to talk about … Read entire article »

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‘..I want to suck your energy . .’ Part-1

I want to suck your energy . . . There are plenty of people who will want to suck your energy from you if you let them. The farther along the reiki path you get, the more of these folks you can attract because they sense the light in you, a light they need.   I try not to get upset with these people, even though their clinginess can be annoying. I truly believe the adage that everyone here is doing the best they can. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to become drained by their neediness.   Here are a few tips you can use to help guard against those who would try to steal your energy:   1. Practice shielding techniques. Find a method that works for you and practice … Read entire article »

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Georgian accent on energy issues- Adam Lamberd

I. Introduction For many centuries Georgia has been a central cultural and political power in the Caucasus ((The Caucasus consists of three independent states (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia) plus autonomous republics of the Russian Federation: Daghestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabarda and Balkaria, Karachai and Circassia, Adygea. Geographically, the parts of Stavropol, Krasnodar territories and northern parts of Turkey and Iran must be considered as the region also.)) It occupied, and still does, pivotal geopolitical position in the region. Geopolitical formula for the Caucasus is simple – control over Georgia means control over the whole region. Strategic importance of its location led to numerous attempts by neighbouring powers to gain control over the territory. In the ancient times strategic Silk Road led through the country which is situated in the central part of … Read entire article »

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‘Machiavellian’, rather than ‘Gandhian’..’

The global evidence of Gandhi’s legacy has, unfortunately, fizzled out. People are more than ever using violence to achieve their ends. Modern politics has embraced ‘Machiavellian’, rather than ‘Gandhian’. Is this fact telling us something about our ‘decadent’ and ‘malevolent’ society? Is it telling us that being ‘bad’ is better than being ‘good’? Could it be echoing what Machiavelli wrote in ‘The Prince’: that a leader must be compationate, but also be prepared to use violence when necessary? If the answer to this is “yes”, then we have failed  miserably – as a society. And looking at the world with a ‘bird’s eye view’- with wars errupting in all the time – it’s blatantly obvious that  humanity is just not ready to embrace Gandhi’s philosophy: we haven’t evolved enough yet. And with the … Read entire article »

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