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Belgium (11/01/2014) : To live in exile is not always easy for Tibetans. Especially newcomers are facing a lot of problems and worries. To live in a new country is a big change. First there is the asylum case, later they have to adapt to a new life and lifestyle, learn a new language, follow a training, find a job, fulfill administrative obligations… In Belgium there are Tibet supporters with a heart for Tibet who already offer help to their Tibetan friends on a personal level for several years. The Belgian Tibet association Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends (Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring) has taken the initiative to set up a Working Group for Help for Tibetans in Flanders, to join forces and to share the knowledge. Dennis Barbion, President of Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends, and Founder, President and Coordinator of … Read entire article »

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From Autonomy to Thermopolitics: Freedom As A Dissipative Structure

Abstract  The following essay wishes to perform two tasks: 1) to provide a brief review of traditional, liberal and humanist notions of freedom in order to contrast this tradition with a contemporary, thermodynamic and informational, dissipative systems-theoretical concept of freedom. Freedom is traditionally conceived in the lights of thermodynamic entropy, positioned within a closed-system ontology. This article specifies what the concept of freedom looks like in a dynamic, open-system ontology, premised on information-theoretical insights and dissipative dynamics. Here, freedom is not subject to the same form of entropy as the classical thermodynamic principles which underwrite most humanist and liberal takes on freedom, oriented in closed system forms of autonomy; 2) With a mind to this insight, we position the concept of freedom, viewed as a dissipative structure, in new lights. On these … Read entire article »

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