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The Caged Bird Sang

    The caged bird sang a song of hope When long the day, to help her cope With a song of freedom from despair A cry to every caged bird where They are in fear to fly   Her melody erased the rage Of birds who stalk their narrow cage Imprisoned birds were loosed the day They turned their cheek the other way And chose to join in song   Oh how the others sang along With heartfelt joy, they sang her songs On distant hills and dawn-bright lawns The sound of freedom rang   One fair morning with the dew With lifted wing, away she flew Freely leaping with the wind In orange sun rays, did ascend To name the sky her own  ‘The Arachneed Journal through this poem by poetess Kay Salady thus pays its tribute to the great soul that has truly inspired millions across the globe to make our … Read entire article »

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Beernem (Belgium), 13th May 2014:  On Tuesday 13th May 2014,  Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring (Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends) has organized a peaceful silent demonstration for the Tibetan refugees in Belgium in front of the building of the Council for Foreigners Disputes in Brussels. The action was an initiative of our special Working Group “Help for Tibetans in Flanders”. About 118 people in total have participated in the manifestation, around 110 Tibetans and 8 Belgian Tibet supporters. The silent demonstration lasted one hour and twenty minutes. Slogans were shown on placards: “India never signed the refugee convention”, “Tibet -> India -> Belgium -> no man’s land?”, “We have never been recognized as refugees”, “In Tibet oppression, in India uncertainty, in Belgium uncertainty, where is our future?”, “We are not Chinese, no Indians, we are Tibetans… who welcomes us?”, … Read entire article »

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#Bring Back Our Girls

#Bring Back Our Girls The hopes of many youth are made shaky,insecure and erratic, Why has the sweetness of tranquility and peaceful existence turned sour, Mothers are wailing, Fathers are weary, *we want our girls back*bring our girls* For how long shall we weep, Our voices have gone faint, and our eyes made sick, Our heart are saddened and our fears are no longer mediocre, Our tremble are not bogus we seek Peace, stop the killing, *We want our girls*bring our girls* If for a moment the pains we feel the whole world could know, Then we will all assemble and cry solemnly to God for peace, militant menace must stop, we seek peace, we want redemption, We want unity, we want fairness, we want salvation, *we want our girls back*Bring … Read entire article »

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Stolen in Numbers

Stolen in Numbers              Young virgins not yet ripe for the plucking are disappeared into thin air and the numbers are many 200 how can that be. Very suspicious and the leaders are weak. How can it take two weeks to speak. What have you done Where are our daughters Educated beautiful young and sweet. Crying out,to get out But no one is looking but there mothers, sisters and brothers. No ones searching but their Fathers and uncles and cuzzins what happen to the Army?  Where is the Military where is the President? Are they going to be forced become  wives of your enemies ? are the going to be incubators to bore their children and eventually learn to love their capturers? that learn to love their capturers…  Because you showed no concern for their return?  Where are our children, our future Nigeria ? Is this what you let history record ? If so the new … Read entire article »

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