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Search For Justice on the Streets

Kathmandu,Nepal: On the occasion “World Peace Day” and the closing of 2nd phase of Anti-Rape campaign in Nepal Abiral – The Arts Group has conducted a series of four street plays  called “Nyaya Khai??” (Where is Justice?) at Basantapur, Tripureshwor and Vatrakali of Kathmadu, the capital city of Nepal and Patan lalitpur on 21st September. The street play was performed at the end of a huge mass rally against rape. ‘Nyaya khai??’ Is the story of a woman called ‘Sanumaya’ from the rural village of Nepal whose husband works abroad to earn his livelihod. Thus the scenario of the play is set in the armed conflict in Nepal between the Maoist & Nepal Army. In the story, Sanumaya gets raped both by tyrants and Nepal army for serving enemies of nation. However, after the peace agreement between both the … Read entire article »

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Galvanizing Efforts: Liberian Youths Unite Against Ebola

A conglomeration of accredited grassroots youth-led development organizations as well as community volunteers has galvanized efforts to combat the widespread and unprecedented Ebola virus disease in Liberia in partnership with families, schools, communities, faith-based organizations, nongovernmental institutions, businesses, and government. This joint initiative which is named and styled National Youth Action Against Ebola (NYAA-EVD) focuses on community mobilization, capacity building, policy advocacy, awareness and sensitization, WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) education, tracking the implementation of the Liberian government National Action Plan and its Operational Plan for Accelerated Response to Re-occurrence of Ebola Epidemic as it relates to highlighting transparency and accountability issues. NYAA-EVD has also designed a strategic plan to assist the government and other international partners in carrying out training, public education and contact-tracing as well as explaining in simple terms … Read entire article »

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Poetry of Our Times

Spend a little squander a lot In the end what have we really got But memories and dreams That flux on water in endless streams, Remaining dormant until aroused By our consciousness, Welcomed and espoused, Reviving ancient memories of bygone times Where love, jealousy, envy and anger Dominated those times. Our lives and our possessions Have become merely reflections Of a time spent long ago In constant motion to and fro; They were the fruits of our labor sadly, In that superficial reality, Which has now evaporated into the abyss, Where its entrance is firmly shut­off to eternal bliss, Devolving back to their atomic form, And trapped inside the abyss in a psychedelic storm. Never forget we are spirits instead That will journey back to the chief architect; Never forget who we … Read entire article »

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#RiceBucketChallenge by Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends and The Arachneed Journal on 7th September 2014

[easingsliderlite] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hyderabad,India : It isnt an unknown fact any more that the Rice Bucket challenge in India has gone viral on the social media. It has drawn large number of people into its fold with groups and individuals taking up novel challenge to freely distribute rice, quintals and tons of rice to the needy people in their surroundings. Thus the 7th of September witnessed another case of the popularity of the #Ricebucketchallege in India. For the readers of The Arachneed, Karma Dhondub Dennis Barbion is not an unknown name, we have regularly published numerous press releases of his social and political activism, as an activist based in Belgium, Dennis has for long been engaged with the welfare of the Tibetan refugee communities in India and also remains one among the most vocal … Read entire article »

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