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Burmese civil society urges for a fair trial for migrant Burmese Workers in Thailand

In 2013 Thailand witnessed a large increase in the influx of international tourists. As per statistics, the number of tourists visiting Thailand were approximately 20 million last year and this figure is expected to rise even further. Amid large tourist influx Thai administration is faced with the critical responsibility of maintaining a vigilant tourist infrastructure for the safety and security of the tourists and thus a lage credit for the rejuvenated tourism boom in Thailand is owed to the infrastructure which stands in place. Recently Thai tourism industry suffered a major setback as a result of the murder of two British nationals in Thailand. This case has attracted widespread media attention following the arrest of two Burmese migrant workers as suspects by the Thai police. While the Thai police had … Read entire article »

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Water cannons used against Protestors in Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka

Sabaragamuwa.Sri Lanka: Water cannons were used against a student protest against the opening of a sub-standard hostel by the Higher Education Minister in the University of Sabaragamuwa. Higher Education Minister has arrived in the University today (5) to open a new hostel. However, the students have protested his arrival claiming the Minister will not be allowed to enter into the university since real solutions are not given to students’ problems. The Minister has responded to the students’ objection by unleashing water cannons on them and assaulting students in order to enter into the university. Students have not participated in the function to open the hostel and the Minister has chastised the authorities and ordered them not repair the hostel’s faults. S.B.Dissanayake, the Higher Education Minister of Sri Lanka, has made it his duty to bring forth neoliberal economic reforms into … Read entire article »

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