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“BUDDHISM IS LIKE A BIG TOOL BOX WITH ALL KINDS OF INSTRUMENTS” – -What Buddhism means for me. Karma Dondub Dennis Barbion..

-What Buddhism means for me. Karma Dondub Dennis Barbion from Belgium talks about Buddhism. [easingsliderlite]   Being a westerner and raised as a Catholic, discovering Buddhism, embarking on the path of Buddhism. I came into contact with Buddhism for the first time in the beginning of 2005, when I was suffering from serious health problems. I was watching television and at a certain moment I saw a Buddhist teaching by the Vietnamese zen master Thich Nhat Hanch on the Buddhist Television Corporation in The Netherlands. I had never heard anything like that, I found that very interesting and intriguing, I wrote down his name and wanted to found out more about those kind of views and philosophy. Later I bought a few of his books and started to learn how to meditate.  Already before, in … Read entire article »

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Challenges of African Young Writers

Accra, Ghana: The recent development in the media about the welfare of Ghanaian journalists pushed my thoughts to a different point of view. Many senior journalists are of the view that what many term as ‘soli’ should be scraped. While many see this as a necessary evil, others see it as a motivation to journalists and a straight bargain to getting one’s story published or aired. Granted that many journalists or freelancers are able to make ends meet by attending press conferences and, surely gets paid by the organizers at the end of the day, the big question I am tempted to ask is ‘What happens to our creative writers?’ What happens to that man or woman who sits indoors racking his brains to fill pages with imaginative ideas? What happens to that columnist who … Read entire article »

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The Real of Dreams..

When I perish, my spirit will abdicate the body to another realm: The realm of dreams where I am no longer at the helm, Not governed by the laws of gravity, Free from all restraints of physical reality:   Animals & humans levitate on air, guided by the wind, Rotating effortlessly, accompanied by a whirlwind, Spinning in pure ecstasy, unable to influence things, Deprived of their barings, impassive to their surroundings.   I enter another dimension, where I am authorised to converse With frogs, cows, ants, flowers, trees and birds in melodious verse. Visions lie before me which are too surreal to comprehend; Divinities spring up from all over to guide and salute me as a friend.   A human metamorphosizes into a butterfly to my disbelief, And flies into the sky, free from the shackles of his past grief; Another human dives euphorically into the ocean … Read entire article »

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