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‘Hong Kongers have the right to self-determination’: Demosisto

Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s newly launched political party, Demosisto, in its official statement has strongly condemned the arrest of its members by the Hong Kong police.   Following a recent blockading of the motorcade of Zhang Dejiang, the chairman of the standing committee of the national people’s congress by Nathan Law, Oscar Lai, Joshua Wong, Cheuk Kiu Chow and Benny Ng. Joshua Wong, has been widely revered, outside Hong Kong as the face of the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong and the emergence of the newly formed Demosisto by those who led the Umbrella Revolution has marked the beginning of a new chapter in the domestic politics of Hong Kong. The statement issued by the Demosisto asserts that the members of the party are currently in custody while the party has called … Read entire article »

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