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Tragedy of War

Angola is a country that had been littered by war from the colonial war of liberation in 1961 to the death of Jonas Savimbi in 2002. Non stop war involving a host of nations, Portugal , Cuba , South Africa brought this country to the verge of poverty. This is tragic but it is history and I am not an historian. 

Soon after the end of the Angolan civil war an opportunity for trade in the war ravaged areas and the profits lured in every trader, smuggler , diamond dealer , bon vivant that the continent could muster and like cowboys set to conquer the wild west they converged on little towns and cities that had been occupied and re occupied by various armies during the long years of war.

The caravan of trucks stopped at an old motel outside the city , joining the traders who had arrived a day or so before in their Pajero´s, Nissan’s and an assortment of 4×4 vehicles. The milk powder, rice and sugar had arrived so the trade could begin.

That afternoon a group of girls arrived in the camp, needing milk and offering sin for the purchase.
A middle aged trader of readily agreed and provided soap for the girl to wash herself and return in the evening. She did and there in the open with her lying in the back of his dark maroon Pajero he committed the sin. he took her in every conceivable way imaginary while the rest of the group played cards under a tree, at times she asked for him to stop where he reminded her of the kilogramme’s of milk powder that she had agreed to receive. 

Finally her self imposed ordeal ended and she collected the milk and with a dry smile skipped away to wherever she had come from and made many people smile with one sinful act. The tragedy of war claimed another victim ……

Rui Santos


Rui Santos was Born in Portuguese Angola and raised in South African Namibia. Educated in the RSA and have lived in Angola, RSA, DRC ,Portugal & UK .Now reside in London the Cosmopolitan capital of the world. In short a orphan of an empire and a citizen of the world. [Sic]

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