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‘..write for rights..’- Maryse Sergent

Before we bid adieu to 2012 The Arachneed is honored to Maryse Sergent’s  Story in her words, she has battled all odds to stand up for what she believes in and for defending Human Rights. Maryse aptly stands true to Gandhi’s idea “Be the Change you want to see in the world”..Maryse Sergent is our Hero! We Salute-In Solidarity!- singing off -Arnav Anjaria.

Maryse Sergent


…..23 years ago….1989….A great year for human rights..Dalai lama peace Nobel prize (I didn’t know that Tibet would take a so big place in my life and my …heart….the”iron curtain”…the Berlin wall destroyed…Rostropovich playing “cello” in the collapses..and the drop of d ceausescu in Romania.

These 3 major events gave me the strength and the envy to begin my adventures with Amnesty International (adventures but positives adventures!)

In my first letter I said that I had time but no money…so they sent me booklets…how to write to a king..etc …

I was already handicapped so …I typed more slowly that now… 

I used only one finger to type and the machine was provided to me by the owner’s wife of the institution where I live …(MAS Saint Vital) who lent me a small write machine…of violet color… very archaic…

Sometimes I needed several days to type a letter..but I enjoyed..

I helped the world…for a handicapped person….it’s…won….beau…simply great!!!…

that’s how I began defending Human rights…

Maryse Tibet Sergent is a French Human Rights Activist and has been a vociferous supporter of the Tibetan cause. This is her story in her words. We salute her courage and determination. Maryse has inspired number young people across the globe through her vocal interactions on various social networking sites. She has also traveled number of times to Dharamsala in India and has engaged with the Tibetan community and continues to do so.

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