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First Meeting of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter –

First Meeting of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter –

Brussels, February 4th, 2013The International Board Members of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter gathered for their first meeting at the beginning of the new year on January 26th in Brussels, Belgium, the EU’s capital. The meeting had multiple aims: Future tasks among the Board Members were discussed and divided, goals and principles for their future cooperation were outlined, while opportunities for fundraising were also discussed and ideas for future events were proposed.

TSS, Tibetan Social Service is a Dharamsala-based non-profit organization, aimed at providing free services to the Tibetan Community, with particular emphasis on political awareness-raising, educational support and community service. Its founder, Mr. Chime Youngdung has been active for the empowerment of the Tibetan Community for several years. As the former President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, he is a skilled and professional leader in promoting education, a better understanding of political principles and more enhanced knowledge for all Tibetans. Therefore, the aim of the organization will be to create and nurture effective and capable leaders who will carry forward the goal of freeing Tibet and who shall represent the foundation of an independent, politically educated Tibetan society in the future.

The organization will enhance political awareness through seminars, workshops and meetings, as well as with the promotion of discussion groups at various settlements in India. In the framework of its education support program, TSS will be working for providing assistance to students on how to apply for scholarships, providing career guidance and facilitating study opportunities abroad.

The community service of the organization aims to provide help in finding sponsors for needy families and to conduct awareness campaigns on environmental issues and public health & hygiene topics.

Membership in the organization is open to any Tibetan or non-Tibetan, especially those from any professional or research background and college students who agree to the aims and objectives of the organization. The organization’s website will be available soon for more information.

TSS Belgium Chapter will be closely cooperating with TSS in Dharamsala, with its International Board Members working for the primary goals of the organization. At the meeting, the tasks among the Members were divided as follows: Mr. Han Vandenabeele – Program Manager, Ms. Liesbeth Van der Haegen – Secretary, Mr. Jamyang Dorjee – Webmaster, Mr. Dennis Barbion – Coordinator and Ms. Erika Patho – Public Relations Officer.

All Board Members with plenty of Tibet-related experience and determination to help the Tibetan Community on its way towards better education and empowerment, the organization is soon to take up its first tasks at home and abroad. The International Board Members are invited and will promote TSS at a cultural event in Belgium, which is organized by Tibetan Cultural Center on the occasion of the Tibetan New Year – Losar. The event will take place on Saturday, February 9th, 2013, starting from 2 p.m. in the town of Sint-Niklaas, in Flanders, Belgium. All Tibetans and non-Tibetans are welcomed to join the exposition, workshop, Tibetan music and dance and delicious Tibetan food on this special occasion.

For more information about TSS:

by Erika Patho and Dennis Barbion in Belgium.

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