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Black Love Vs. Black Lust: Round One


image design- Mia Miata

Goddess Alert!! Everything you have heard up until this moment has been a lie!! We have been lied to about our worth, our value, our heritage, our origin, and the power of our precious yonis…The Shift is here!! Welcome to the “Age of the Return of the Divine Femi9!!”

The Daark Goddess has risen, and the presence of the Divine Femi9 Inner(g) is womanifesting on the planet in the form of healing, love, abundance, prosperity, light and sacred sex . The true suns and dawtahs of the Most High Create-Her are ascending and must rise beyond their lower chakras in order to make the shift. Black love is the key. Black love is the way, Black love is the answer. Black love is our origin. Why do I make an emphasis on “Black Love?!?” When one looks up into the night sky one sees the moon and the stars. However, those celestial objects would not be visible without the backdrop of the Black Universe, Mama Universe, The Great Cosmic Mother, The Most High Create-Her, who birthed all things from her black cosmic womb.  Any man who views his woman and children as baggage is a fool!! Your woman and children are your most valuable assets. Your enemy wants you to think that we are worthless and easily discarded. A man with no family is a man with no roots, and a man with no roots can easily be conquered.  Black love is a revolutionary act.


All things cum from the essence of Black love. The shift is here and we must rise from our lower nature, lust, and evolve and take our rightful place as the “Black Cosmic Ambassadors of Love.” The Black man, the most powerful man in all of the Universe, must first before he can take his place as King and make the shift from the Son/Sun must first redeem and elevate Dawtah Earth, the rejected stone, who shall become the chief cornerstone. He must get up off all fours and stand on his four corners square and stop chasing after the hybrid, and reclaim the hand of his true cosmic SiStar, the original Black woman. The Black man and Black woman are the original Twinn Flames, and a nation can rise no higher than its woman.

There is no mistake that on CHRISTmas day Quentin Tarantino releases “Django Unchained” staring Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, about a slave that fights for the love and protection of his kidnapped wife. This is spiritual and the White man knows that in order for him to be on top the Black woman must be at the bottom. Inner(g) is spiral and the opposite of Black is White and the opposite of male is female!! The reign of the BEAST is ova!! Hail Mama and her true Dawtahs and Suns!!! And if Mama used the White boi for the message to come thru then so be it!! Spike Lee call the movie “disrespectful.” Really Spike?!? Fighting for and protecting the Black woman, the Creatress of Civilization, is disrespectful ?!?

Sacred Sex Is The Union of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Mascu__!!Goddesses this is a VERY powerful time!! We are ascending and re-connecting with our Twinn Flames and Soul Mates!! But just because he is your mirror reflection and the man fashioned for you by the Most High, DOES NOT entitle him to EASY yoni!! He, of ALL men, needs to earn you!! Mic check 1,2,1,2!! You are what you attract, and if you send out base level inner(g) through your spoken/written words, deeds and actions then so shall it be, but if you want a higher level of vibration than the choice is you. You must raise in vibration and consciousness. The shift is here and the clock is ticking, and the portal is slowly closing. Black man we are more than our Black juicy pussies. We are the truth, the way and the light!!! I desire (Latin, meaning; from the creator) a heart to heart connection with another soul who vibrates on the same frequency


            In closing, Black man you are loved and appreciated. You are the most powerful man in all the Universe and we need you to stand up, get on your post as providers and protectors, and be the Gods that you were created to be. The Queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess. She has freedom of the entire board. The Queen can move freely by day, because she is counseled and comforted by her King at knight. Rest well Kings and Queens. Til we meet again.

— © Mia Melodic Pubishing, LLC


Mia Miata


Mia Miata “The Neo-Soul Nina Simone” and self-proclaimed “Goddess in Womanifestaion” releases her first literary work,  “The Goddess Code: Goddess in Wonanifestaion Volume I Words and Verses” on Mia Melodic Publishing, LLC in April of 2013.  A classically trained vocalist, poet, educator, activist, talk show host, mother, ex-wife, daughter, sister and friend, Mia Miata shares her life experiences, joys, heartaches, pains, and triumphs in “The Goddess Code.” Mia is also host the widely popular internet talk show, “Goddess Talk Live,” and she will launch her clothing and accessories line “Goddess Creatress” in the Fall of 2013.

















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