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Clearing Negative Energy Part 1

One of my students recently e-mailed me,

wondering if she hadn’t picked up

something negative after sending Reiki

to someone who is ill.  As she had just

been attuned, she was also afraid she

somehow “wasn’t doing it right.”

image courtesy- Deirdre (Dee) Savoy.

image courtesy- Deirdre (Dee) Savoy.

Two  things new Reiki people

need to keep in mind is that

immediately after a Reiki

attunement, your body,

mind and spirit go through

a cleansing process, shedding

negative energies and

influences that have attached to you.  

Many times, new initiates (as well as

Reiki clients) go through what is

called a “healing crisis” where

underlying physical, mental or spiritual

issues rise to a conscious level in order

to be healed.  It may seem as if you

have suddenly become ill, but in

actuality your body is healing from

dis-ease you didn’t know you had.

image courtesy- Deirdre (Dee) Savoy.

image courtesy- Deirdre (Dee) Savoy.

Think of it like a

smoker’s cough. 

Many smokers never

experience the typical

smoker’s hack–until

they quit smoking. 

Then they give up

smoking and all of

a sudden they can’t stop

coughing.  They didn’t suddenly become

ill, their body is getting

rid of all of the accumulated gunk in their lungs.

The second thing new Reiki folk should keep

in mind is that you really can’t do Reiki wrong. 

Are some techniques more effective than others? 

Yes.  Can it sometimes seem that nothing is

happening or you don’t feel Reiki flowing? 

Of course. 

But as with most everything else, real expertise

comes with practice. 

This is why attendance at a Reikishare or other

healing get-together is so important.  You get

the opportunity to try out different techniques

and learn from others’ experiences.  As a Reiki

practitioner you are not alone and shouldn’t

treat yourself like an island– isolated out there.

If nothing else, find a Reiki master you feel

comfortable with, even if they are not the one

who has attuned you and let them mentor you.

And remember–Reiki knows what to do even

if you don’t.  Let it guide you, not the other

way around.

Deirdre (Dee) Savoy

Deirdre (Dee) Savoy

Deirdre (Dee) Savoy is an Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.  She has been a reiki practitioner since 2004.  She is also an Intuitive and Card Reader, specializing in messages from the other side.  She is  the national bestselling author of over a dozen novels, including Spellbound.  You can visit her website at or email her at )

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