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Second Meeting of the Tibetan Social Service, Belgium.

The second meeting of Tibetan Social Service Belgian Chapter took place on April 7th in Ghent, with the presence of the International BoardTSS_header Members Han Vandenabeele (Program Manager), Liesbeth Van der Haegen (Secretary), Erika Patho (PR Officer) and Dennis Barbion (Coordinator TSS Belgium).

TSS BE 2nd MeetingThe meeting aimed to provide an overview of current memberships and organizational details, such as website and financial management, while the main goal of the meeting was to discuss the details of the organization’s upcoming projects and the potential fundraising opportunities for their achievement. As TSS has recently presented seven different proposals, the Belgian Chapter already made provisional plans for the appointed goals and the Members revised the Chapter’s possibilities for contributing to project financing. 

The project proposals, which will be soon introduced in more details on the website of TSS, focus on crucial areas of educational and social care for Tibetans in Dharamsala and in the Settlements in India as well as they also focus on highly necessary guidance for Tibetans with health problems and on the assistance for the elderly. Among seven different proposals initiated so far, TSS Belgian Chapter will provide primary attention to the following ones:

  1. Rehabilitation by Recycling, with a focus on health and environmental issues
  2. Guidance for New Arrivals from Tibet, with a focus on newcomers to India

All projects will be soon presented on the website of TSS as well as on the website of TSS Belgian Chapter, which is currently under construction.

TSS, Tibetan Social Service is a Dharamsala-based non-profit organization, aimed at providing free services to the Tibetan Community, with particular emphasis on political awareness-raising, educational support and community service. Its founder, Mr. Chime Youngdung has been active for the empowerment of the Tibetan Community for several years. The aim of the organization is to create and nurture effective and capable leaders who will carry forward the goal of freeing Tibet and who shall represent the foundation of an independent, politically educated Tibetan society in the future.

The organization will enhance political awareness through seminars, workshops and meetings, as well as with the promotion of discussion groups at various settlements in India. In the framework of its education support program, TSS will be providing assistance to students on how to apply for scholarships, providing career guidance and facilitating study opportunities abroad. Membership in the organization is open to any Tibetan or non-Tibetan, especially those from any professional or research background and college students who agree to the aims and objectives of the organization.

To contact TSS Belgium:
Han Vandenabeele:
Erika Patho:
Dennis Barbion:

By Erika Patho, April 11th, 2013, Brussels






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