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Launching the website of Tibetan Social Service Belgium Chapter.

tsswebGent, Belgium : Several months after the initial establishment, the website of Tibetan Social Service Belgian Chapter is now ready. Following the preparations for its introduction and a hard work done by our webmaster, our supporters, partners and friends, interested in the issues of Tibet, are now able to learn more about us, our vision and mission and about our projects on You are invited to check us out in more details and to share your opinion and comments with us.

 Among its first contributions, TSS Belgium is going to provide support to two relevant projects, introduced by TSS, namely, the projects on ‘Rehabilitation by Recycling’ and on ‘Guidance and Support for New Arrivals from Tibet’.

 The first project is focused on Tibetan youth with drug problems and its aim is to involve the young generation into new occupations and to provide education, trainings and jobs for them, so that they can contribute constructively to the environment and to their society. The project on ‘Guidance and Support for New Arrivals from Tibet’ aims to provide speaking classes in Hindi and English in order to facilitate the integration of newcomers into the society in India. Within this project’s framework, TSS will furthermore provide help to new arrivals with social living, career guidance and overall support in any matters of difficulty.

TSS Belgium Chapter

In its aim to fulfill these objectives, TSS Belgium is going to do fundraisings in order to collect money for the projects for the Tibetans in India. The Chapter in Belgium stays in close contact with the main office in Dharamsala. In this way, TSS Belgium has the finger firmly on the pulse of the development of the situation of the Tibetan refugees. Board members of TSS Belgium are going to present the organization and the projects at a jumble sale in Gent (Belgium) on Saturday 25th May 2013 (Rommelmarkt @ Groene Vallei Feesten, from 2 p.m). All the money raised from the sale of the TSS shop and second hand things go entirely to the two main projects selected by the Belgian Chapter.

TSS, Tibetan Social Service is a Dharamsala-based non-profit organization, aimed at providing free services to the Tibetan Community, with particularTSS Belgium, Erika, Dennis, Liesbeth, Han (1) emphasis on political awareness-raising, educational support and community service. Its founder, Mr. Chime Youngdung has been active for the empowerment of the Tibetan Community for several years. As the former President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, he is a skilled and professional leader in promoting education, a better understanding of political principles and more enhanced knowledge for all Tibetans.

The aim of the organization is to create and nurture effective and capable leaders who will carry forward the goal of freeing Tibet and who shall represent the foundation of an independent, politically educated Tibetan society in the future.

Membership in the organization is open to any Tibetan or non-Tibetan. You can become a member of the TSS Network by donating 15 euro for a period of three years. So, for only 5 euro per year you contribute to needy Tibetan refugees in India. You can fill out the membership form on our website, pay the 15 euro on our bank account number BE84 9730 8909 7059 (BIC code: ARSPBE22) and provide us a passport photo for your membership card. In exchange you will receive a membership card made by the main office in India and a regular update on the developments of TSS and our local activities.

You can also give specific support to one of the projects, ‘Rehabilitation by Recycling’ or ‘Guidance and Support for New Arrivals from Tibet’. You can choose for a monthly donation or a one-time gift. Every little bit helps! Just let us know which project you want to support, so mention the name of the project with your payment.

TSS Belgium Chapter guarantees you that all the money collected goes entirely to the projects.

Contact for TSS Belgium:



Erika Patho (Public Relations Officer TSS Belgium):

Han Vandenabeele (Program Manager TSS Belgium):

Dennis Barbion (Coordinator TSS Belgium):

TSS Belgium Bank Account for Memberships:

IBAN: BE84 9730 8909 7059 – BIC code: ARSPBE22

TSS Main Office:

Tipa Road

P.O. Mc Leod Ganj, 176219 Dharamsala

Distt. Kangra, H.P.





by Erika Patho and Dennis Tibet Barbion in Belgium.

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