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Pushing us into Feminism

Fem-i-nism/ ‘femə nizəm:Noun

‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of  political, social, and economic equality to men.’



aabhafinalI’m not one to label myself, not because I’m afraid of the label per se, but because I do not believe that I know enough about any ideology to claim subscription to it. However, as per the above definition of feminism, I guess I’d be a raging feminist. I’d like to assume that’s a good thing. I’d like to think that there is a world where that is a good thing, but therein lies the paradox. If there indeed existed a world where such thought process were celebrated, would one need to separately advocate it?

I see television shows today, (I must admit I watch very few so this is by no stretch of imagination a generalisation) and it is rather enlightening as to what the perspective on feminism is. “She’d rather go stand in the sun for hours than shave her underarms”. I mean seriously. This is the ignorance I was referring to, I don’t claim to be an intellectual but it just blows my mind, and not in a nice way. I mean, do those who talk like this not boast of being endowed with a brain that enables rational thinking? The sentence is just an example, but just look at it! How, by what even extreme deconstruction does that make any sense? And then there’s those that go insane when you just speak by virtue of being a woman. You needn’t necessarily be a feminist, but you become one to them, and the funny thing is, such experience makes you become one to you too. The difference being, for you, it’s not a bad word and for them it is. This ‘us and them’ dichotomy that I’ve been forced to use here isn’t something that’s been created by women just because they’re unhappy (or as they say, ‘they ain’t getting laid), it’s a product of years of the same being perpetuated, internalised and sadly, accepted. It’s not that a woman raising her voice has intensified the fissure, it’s just that her voice itself is a problem.

So yeah, maybe I am one of ‘those’, as they say. And I’ll say it loud and proud. And to all those of you women who like saying it loud and proud, don’t judge another woman for not believing in what you do just because she wears make up. That does not make her a product of or a contributor to patriarchy and neither does her giggling with friends. So to those of you who subscribe to this end of the flipside, you’re just as ignorant as those you’re battling. This isn’t some know-it-all post, it may sound like it is. Sadly, that may be one of the areas it falls short. It’s merely a vent to some of the things I’ve been going through in my head for a few years now, and thanks to Arnav and his brilliant magazine, I get to let it flow out of me.


On an ending note, here’s a wonderful Tumblr page I think everyone should go through:


Aabha Sharma

Aabha Sharma


Aabha Sharma is a student of Political Science at the University of Hyderabad.She falls into the category of the quintessential laid back, pleasant Hyderabadi :P Writing releases her expression in a way nothing else can. To MISquote Rene Descartes, I write, therefore I am. 

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