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France…the new situation….the world

Humanity is in a trap of consumerism.Children think that mushrooms grow in the supermarket … it is stupid … people play zombies in the subway, on the streets, they all go buried in mobile phones- why not books ? the children singing “opaganamstyle” !

999where is everything going to? about the great literary creations are not aware …aware only of the shot films viewed in stupid glasses. How do we look like? girl of fifteen years, if not sooner, carrying the the stories of whores, and we are proud of these adventures.

Nasty! Disgusting! must be respected, but no one will ever respect this. Girls you want princes ? hmm. Princes have already found other princes. mMn are becoming vulnerable, such well-maintained and the nature of hysteria on a diet. Men give each other flowers and it is legal to get married now… this France ?

How much happiness the world has gained a lot now because men can fuck under law, a marriage. Vulgarized first love, now married. This though no one touched lately, yet I was afraid of it, as a curse, and now instantly jumped to marry and soon they will start to adopt the kids. Strangely enough, their number is growing faster and faster. Normal women only way to Mars, a marriage with an alien being, and it is more normal than married man with a man, but what you can call them after that. the world is heading rapidly down so that everyone is too lazy to even just watch, not to fight, it is better to sit down and understand everything, to be tolerant and tolerant as the only world there is, crumbling before our eyes, decaying morals. Humanity is etched in alcohol and drugs, it grows dull and degrading. No one writes clever books, publishing houses tightly engaged in advertising rags, invented gays to help somehow attract the attention of men to the ladies, but that does not help, and expensive once the crisis.

Unemployment, millions of immigrants from Africa, the crisis, the rise in prices of all that is possible, and people go on strike for the abolition of gay marriage. They slept together and will sleep, it is incurable, and therefore not considered a disease. Red herring, and all seemed well again. 21, and mankind is still fast, still fighting, because there is something life has to teach them ? people steal other people’s money, then there is unemployment, then famine, then again someone is selected to fight this outrage money and corruption eats and lives like this esprit de corps. What shall we say to young children, and who were not so lucky in life, those who were abandoned by their parents. Meet people, it’s your dad and your dad. Once a week they will be reversed. 

Welcome to the world, New Life



Nathalie Ben-David was born in France . She spent her childhood in different European and African countries. A home schooled girl, she received her first education from her mother and later on by private tutors. During this limited time she developed the talent of writing notes and articles reflecting upon the situation in Europe in an ironic style.



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