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TheArachneed » Uncategorized » Dolls 4 Tibet : TIBETAN-FLEMISH CIRCLE OF FRIENDS PRESENT NEW PROJECT: Donate a doll to a Tibetan child in Mainpat (India).

Dolls 4 Tibet : TIBETAN-FLEMISH CIRCLE OF FRIENDS PRESENT NEW PROJECT: Donate a doll to a Tibetan child in Mainpat (India).

The association Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring (Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends) that is based in Belgium present a new project: Dolls 4 Mainpat.

Large-doll-4It’s not easy for refugee children to  grow up in exile. Of course a doll is fun to play with but it also provides security and comfort to a child.

Dolls 4 Tibet ( is a Dharamsala based project where local Indian women and Tibetan refugees make exquisitely handcrafted Tibetan dolls filled with Himalayan sheep wool. Each doll has its own distinctive personality and it’s a unique toy for a child. The dolls are a precious reminder of Tibet’s threatened identity as they have the appearance of a typical Tibetan with the traditional costume.

The advantages of Dolls 4 Tibet are the fact that it provides valuable job opportunities for the Indian and Tibetan women, and the preservation of the Tibetan culture by their traditional costumes.

There are 2 types of dolls, Small Tibetan Friendship Dolls of 28 cm (4 different characters wearing simple Tibetan clothing), and Large Traditional Tibetan dolls of 36 cm with traditional Tibetan costume (17 different characters).

Mainpat is one of the poorest Tibetan Settlements across India. It’s a very remote place South of Varanasi.

Mainpat Tibetan Settlement has a Pre-Primary School with 31 children and a Primary School with 39 students. With this new project you can donate one doll to one child at those Schools.

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The price of one small doll is 14 euro ($ 20), for one big doll 23 euro ($ 32).

If you want to donate a doll to a child at the Tibetan School in Mainpat, you can pay this amount on our bank account in Belgium: BE25 9795 9253 2282 (the BIC code is: ARSPBE22).  Please mention: “Dolls 4 Mainpat”. Of course, any amount is welcome, so you can also give another amount, but please mention “Dolls 4 Mainpat” so that we know your donation is for this project. A money transfer by PayPal or Western Union is also possible. Please contact us for this.

The president of the organization Dennis Barbion is going to visit Dharamsala and Mainpat later this year. The association is going to purchase the dolls then. With all the money raised, we are going to buy all the different kinds of dolls of both categories and they are going to be donated to the School during the visit of our president to the Settlement, probably in the beginning of November.

Of course we will not be able to donate a doll to each child, but we are going to continue the fundraising until each child has a doll. So, the first part of the dolls is going to be donated to the School in November 2013.

Recently, dolls were donated to the TCV Schools (Tibetan Children’s Villages) in Suja and Upper Dharamsala, and the people at Dolls 4 Tibet got a great response from the children and the teachers. Especially the large traditional dolls were appreciated by the Schools, as the teachers are going to use them in the classes to teach about the traditional Tibetan dresses.

Presentation of the dolls:

1. Small Tibetan Friendship Dolls – 28 cm:

A precious creation of individually handcrafted dolls with simplified embroidered facial features. As the primary objective of Dolls 4 Tibet is promoting Tibetans and their culture, they have created 4 special characters wearing simple Tibetan attire.

2. Large Traditional Tibetan Dolls – 36 cm:
There are 17 individual characters representing the various regions of Tibet with their distinctive traditional hairstyles and garments. The dolls’ hand-embroidered facial features enhance their characteristic Tibetan look and give them each a unique and enchanting personality. In this category there are traditional U-Tsang Dolls (7 different characters), Khampa Dolls (4 different) and Amdo Dolls (2 different), traditional Tibetan Monastic Dolls (2 different) and traditional Tibetan Elder Dolls (2 different).

For more information: (website in Dutch) or (Facebook page in English) – email:

by Dennis Barbion in Belgium

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