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Poetic Heptagon with Brian Stark..



“with what she says”


If Silence is Betrayal–
what does that say about our behavior?
And if Immortal Technique is the Best–

why do I not hear such a Blessed Vision!
NOFX makes me BOP my head like Wu-tang–
Yet what’s the point of Truth when Love doesn’t pay…
To Whom does Our Silence betray;
the Stars, our Daughters, the World, or just Us?

O! Keep your coins–
I just want Change!



“what is that poem about first”

What the what are you fighting for,

starting pain doesn’t end up well;
is your soul so swell not fit in shell.

Down by the sea shore life endures….
all children should able splash in waves!
(no matter homeland, religion, nor creed)

I plead! As all great men have before me!
It is easy to do bad and hard doing good;
I can’t wait to die—-get away from you.

Before I will go, I’ll write, this shite—
and you with your lack of soul,
did you know you have it right there?

It’s closer than the pain—-which is everywhere!
(yet further away than you know)

O! Slow and Steady would win this race—-
while going fast will get us nowhere!


“my birthday is tomorrow”poem3

I’m so mixed up yet I see so clearly.
How easy and why so hard.
Pain and Disgrace at Our knees!
(WE THE PEOPLE what ever happened to We)

I see so Clearly yet I’m so mixed.
As why some Americans can set their water afire;
and “Leaders” do not a very little about it.
As how not one Banker has taken Blame;

nor will I find Integrity in many hiding places.
Child Sex Slavery exist because of the World’s Bad People;
more than likely it is our own shamed faces.

O! What is a Protest without a March—
Picking up the Souls with enough of the disgust!



“I Love Everybody”

What is a Protest without a March; on a day in March, or any other quarter!
People being Sprayed; as if dirt is beneath them!
March on; Sister, Brother, Society; Lets Be We!
And what is the Good in Occupy wall street and its sitting,
talking, yelling, the food is O. K, yet I don’t want to Live near filth,
(My Problem with Many Rich Souls is They don’t see Us as equal)
Sitting around and talking with always have its Sequel!
I would much rather Enjoy Hiking,
with all My Sisters, and Brothers Aside me,
not one of us nor a Corrupted Congress saying which way to go,
(We went where we were Welcome and where we needed to go),

O! I do so Love a Hike–and People acting right—
Dreams coming True—Just GOD and You!




” Silent pain does shine”


Mistakes made must be worked away,
never linger nor do sweep under carpet,
walk it off for your Once good today,
I do not stay the same! I sharpen it!

I hear that We The People are being watched,
monitored in everything we do,
so then I should just have no hope,
in freeing all the Child Sex Slaves!

There is this garden that I do Love so,
when there is time it is the place I like to go,
finding minutes between working, family, writing,
I work for a One day will graciously show!

O! Words on a screen being seen—
NOFX (The greatest Band Of All Time)!





“come on, it’s your turn, no it’s your turn”

A Garden has become my Church;
for my trails have become Lost and Dark,
I will walk my garden just the same;
first I must work to Live that Dream.

I have collected rocks from four continents;
they will serve as a wall of a long line of falls.
They Each do serve as a pain and triumph;
as I picked up to live throughout my days.

I want to build a Cooking Pit;
to make amazing food.
I want to free all the Child Sex Slaves;
to End of all Their Blues.

O! In the garden I laugh and play–
and work till I thank GOD for the Day!



“Watch your Hands”

I see!
Positive is the key;
Not bombarding–with child sex slavery,
our corrupted irresponsibility, lack of integrity,
we dump chemicals in oceans (then eat sushi),
we do many a thing which Life finds unGODly,
(as expecting heaven from which book we read),
voting for leaders which do not lead,
(politicians–not above–they are beneath thee),

O! I must write of dreams–not a horrible nightmare–
nor of Politics–instead write of playing fair!



Poet Brian Stark was born a poet and will die a poet. From Philadelphia, PA, U. S. A, Brian has also traveled to many places around the world; in search of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Brian Loves all of life so very much and this is his muse; seeing all the pain in the world does hurt him so–and so he will spend his life writing of the pain to hopefully one day end it!

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