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A Legion of Ants

ants-webcopyWe are a legion of ants; we are a mechanical order which is in constant motion: waking, working, eating, sleeping – then back to working.

We are not permitted to think, or question the ‘status quo’ – but to do as we are told, like a colony of ‘ants’; they are born to work, until they die – so are we.

Creativity has been ‘flushed’ into oblivion. In essence, we’ve been dropped into a virtual ‘sieve’ – where we get filtered through, and the ‘lumps’ that get clogged in the mesh are: creativity, individualism, critical thinking, questioning authority, empathy – and so on.

We are indoctrinated from a young age on how to think, what to think, what to like, and what to feel – by the most dangerous invention to date: the TV; it’s our mother, father, brother, sister, adviser, agony aunt, sex therapist, and spititual guru. They have cloned us into exactly what they want us to be: ants – but with total obedience.

The ‘system’ boasts to advocate ‘individualism’ – but that is a ‘paradox’; instead they don’t want individuals, rather, an obedient workforce which continues to keep the ‘machine’ in operation mode.

They claim that if you follow five basic rules – then you’re a ‘good citizen’:

1). Obey

2). Procreate

3). Consume

4). Work hard

5). Don’t think


But what they failed to do was to stop the inevitable spread of our greatest weapon to date: the Internet.

While many people still use the Internet ‘irresponsibly’, there are also many people who have realized its true potential as an infinitely rich source of ‘unbiased’ and ‘free’ information for the masses; you can type anything about anyone and you will get a virtual ‘library’ at your disposal. It is a powerful tool, and it’s unstoppable.

Our fightback is going to be in ‘cyberspace’ now; this has become our most effective weapon, and there is no stopping it in its march forward.

In future, we will be a ‘legion of ants’, and our job will be in ‘cyberspace’.


Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy is A trained mathematician from the University of London..Shahrokh has been an accomplished teacher of Mathematics for a long time and is now full time journalist.  He originally hails from Iran.

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