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Modern Times

cast-awayMaking my way around in life, I have come to the conclusion that I am one of many billions of people who must conform to a life of continuous, familiar rituals:  like everyone else, I proceed to the supermarket  to perform my ‘hunter-gatherer’ duties.

As I enter this perplexed ‘Colosseum’, it dawns on me that you must defend yourself like a ‘gladiator’,  or be crushed by the mad ‘rush’ of confused ‘Neanderthals’ attempting to shop.

Once I make it to the checkout, the glare of the ‘assistant’ drives me catatonic – so much so, that I don’t even attempt  to interact with her.

At  home – which happens to be an appartment suspended 12 feet in the air, on the first floor – with a cube-shaped, 3-dimensional ‘box’ for a living room, linked to another ‘box’ for a bedroom, and finally a tiny ‘box’ for a bathroom, with 2-dimensional ‘squared windows’ in every room, I can’t  help but feel ‘claustrophobic’.

Underneath the wooden floorboards that support me – and the ‘fruits of my labor’ – it’s a labyrinth: dust-filled spaces fused with all kinds of rodents and insects, mites, fleas and other creepy crawlies…running adjacent to all of these are metres and metres of cable and general plumbing, along with copper piping for my living requirements, providing me with heat, power and running water.

The walls are covered with cheap plasterboard – with no insulation at all. This is all coated with a layer of basic paint, to give my flat a sense of ‘normality’. It’s so hollow that I often have the misfortune of hearing my neighbor’s TV blaring in the background – it’s most annoying.

Technology has overpowered my life:  washing machine, cooler, fridge, microwave, stove, laptop, mobile phone, toaster, kettle…and the list just goes on. I must submit to this ‘reality’, but I confess that often I close my eyes and imagine myself ‘castaway’ in some tropical island with no annoying technology to cause me distress,  where there is an abundance of fish and tropical fruit to delight my palate, and coconut trees which are ripe and ready. There are no bills to pay, no commitments and no ‘honking’ of cars and their alarms…wishful thinking indeed!

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy


Shahrokh Sharifrazy is A trained mathematician from the University of London..Shahrokh has been an accomplished teacher of Mathematics for a long time and is now full time journalist.  He originally hails from Iran.

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