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‘..Rajarishi..’ by Kay Salady


A princely sage looked down on me

And whispered his philosophy

With sparkling eyes, so caring and true

His words of wisdom pierced right through

This rebellious mind of mine

That isn’t quite as good and kind

As I’d aspired myself to be

He saw beyond my dignity

To the heart and soul of me

He pointed toward the common good

The selfless act of brotherhood

He sang a song – the sound of peace

The breath of God that brings release

That welcomes all earth’s children home

As we, together, whisper, “OM”

Kay Salady

Kay Salady

Kay Salady is a writer based in Arizona, USA. She is read internationally having published works in India. She is also the author of “A Teardrop Fell” and a member of Member, World Poet’s Society, World Congress of Poets,World Poets Laureate International, World Hope Poets,National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

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