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‘..I want to suck your energy . .’ Part-1


I want to suck your energy . . . There are plenty of people who will want to suck your energy from you if you let them. The farther along the reiki path you get, the more of these folks you can attract because they sense the light in you, a light they need.


I try not to get upset with these people, even though their clinginess can be annoying. I truly believe the adage that everyone here is doing the best they can. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to become drained by their neediness.


Here are a few tips you can use to help guard against those who would try to steal your energy:


1. Practice shielding techniques. Find a method that works for you and practice it when you don’t need it. Know what it feels like to have your “shields up” and allow you defenses to come up automatically when you need them.


2. Increase your light. Regularly practice meditation, avoid draining and heavy foods, self-treat with reiki and other healing modalities, exercise toreiki1 keep chi moving. Invoke your guides and dieties daily to guide you, heal you and protect you in accordance with your highest good.


3. Clear negativity from your domain regularly. I try to smudge or burn incense at least once a week in my home and several times daily my work space. Practice dry bathing (kenyoku) or other forms of personal energy (aura) cleansing.


4. Give energy freely when you can. Devote some time to boosting this person’s energy so that they are no longer so needy that they take when it isn’t offered.


5. Help the person see the light. If you think they will be receptive, introduce them to the concept of energy work and perhaps becoming attuned themselves so that they can call upon the universe as they need it. You will no longer be their intermediary. I hope this has provided you with a few ideas on what to do. If you like what you read, or even if you didn’t, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.



Deirdre (Dee) Savoy

Deirdre (Dee) Savoy


Deirdre (Dee) Savoy is an Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.  She has been a reiki practitioner since 2004.  She is also an Intuitive and Card Reader, specializing in messages from the other side.  She is  the national bestselling author of over a dozen novels, including Spellbound.  You can visit her website at or email her at

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