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Human = Human

Human = Human
while Myanmar boss is scolding
to the Burmese child-labors
Japanese oldie is donating
to the Burmese youngstersduring genocidal civil war
between similar ethnics
German doctor is helping
African patienceAww
with passionate love
we don’t need to be the same race officially
we all are family

while parents threw out their own offspring
Jolie is adopting children of different nations
Monastery is feeding refugees with full of passion

passion is magic
no need to be relatives
we all are family

Don’t talk me Nazism
pretending to be nationalism
instead of drama, why war movies are plenty
among the different ethnics
historical lessons are collecting rubbish
rather than jewels
with which reason, human beings have only eye

If one group desires to influence others
the whole world will have scars
If hatreds filled to all,
Hammurabi will influence rather than gods

humanity is reducing their own power
by installing weapons of war
that start with hatred in the mind of one and another

there can be thousand kinds of blood for racism
there only be four kinds of blood for the needing patients
Loot at the mothers
there are eyes on love
being hot, with mist covered
blind eye is hatred.

Kaung Kin KoKaung Kin Ko is a prolific poet well known among many Burmese youths. Born in Magway Division, Burma, on 24 October 1977 he has got a bachelor

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