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Poetry in Motion


The earth revolves around the sun in a never­ending cycle,

Like a person pedaling constantly on his bicycle.

The electrons of atoms revolve around the nucleus spherically,

Like the blood circulating around the body laboriously.


The butterfly circles around a flower with delight;

It does the same around me without fright.

The dog chases its tail in a circular motion,

Revolving around itself in a state of confusion.


Tornadoes and hurricanes spin in a circulatory motion,

Causing calamity and destruction in their unorderly procession.

Sine and cosine graphs revolve around the x­axis mathematically;

The water emptying through the sink revolves naturally.


The wheels of the car rotate for motion,

Caused by the continuous cycle of internal combustion.

The washing machine spins around,

While the cat glares at it ­ dumbfound.


The disk in the hard drive rotates continuously,

Retrieving its bytes and sending it to the CPU singularly.

The rotation of the second, minute and hour hands of the watch;

A constant reminder of time ticking away, while we age and watch.

The Ghost Dance of the Native Americans, delightfully,

Reunites the living with the spirits of the dead, bringing peace and prosperity.

The Sufi whirling of the mystical Dervishes, spinning in perfect symmetry;

Dances performed within the Sema ­ a worship ceremony.


What do all these mean to me?

A reminder of everything in constant motion continually,

From the planetary system,

To the digestive system.

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy is A trained mathematician from the University of London..Shahrokh has been an accomplished teacher of Mathematics for a long time and is now full time journalist.  He originally hails from Iran.



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