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What a Concept Is this Love..


What a concept is this love,

That transcends time and  space,

To the heavens above;

What a feeling of ecstasy,

That permeates through my organs

With uncanny accuracy.


I feel helpless, as love makes the rules;

I feel useless, like the rest of the fools.

Love needs not rest, haste or waste;

It takes your soul and lets you taste;


It travels through stratosphere,  in stealth mode,

Avoiding all radars, and returning to abode;

It seduces by its pungent scent,

Letting you taste the forbidden fruit,

Before your final descent.


It breaks down all prejudices and barriers,  instantly

Leaving only a warm feeling of felicity.

It dominates your life, without concession,

Leaving you with nothing but a feeling of  elation.


It takes you on a journey of delight,

Revealing heavenly wonders to your sight;

It hypnotizes, leaving you in a trance,

Wandering in and out of consciousness,  at a glance.


Your vision is blinded by this concept of love;

You are locked in limbo by the heavens above.

There is no cure for this  hallucination;

All you can do is pray for redemption.

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy is A trained mathematician from the University of London..Shahrokh has been an accomplished teacher of Mathematics for a long time and is now full time journalist.  He originally hails from Iran.

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