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freedom is overrated
a recluse by choice
my heart is an island
no one sees nor knows

liberty from heartbreak
prerogative not to love
a mortal who will perforate me
entice me to trust perpetuity

forever is a nauseous lie
I refute to take suffering
from a love that is fallacious
I want to be alone until I perish 

free from misery
from the love of a deceitful man
from sweet lies
from goodbyes

Ms. Con is an english educator by profession. She is presently the Administrative Head of an online English School in the Philipiness. She writes Grammar books for Korean students and edits English articles for E-book Learning. She is a poet all her own. She is a regular contributor/poet in is a top contributor in Poems by Poetry Editors group and in other Poetry groups. She draws inspiration from her favorite poet – Emily Dickinson.

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