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Stolen in Numbers

BricksStolen in Numbers             

Young virgins not yet ripe for the plucking

are disappeared into thin air

and the numbers are many

200 how can that be.

Very suspicious

and the leaders are weak.

How can it take two weeks to speak.

What have you done

Where are our daughters

Educated beautiful young

and sweet.

Crying out,to get out

But no one is looking

but there mothers, sisters

and brothers.

No ones searching

but their Fathers

and uncles and cuzzins

what happen to the Army? 

Where is the Military

where is the President?

Are they going to be forced

become  wives of your enemies ?

are the going to be incubators to bore their

children and eventually learn to love their capturers?

that learn to love their capturers… 

Because you showed no concern for their return? 

Where are our children, our future Nigeria ?

Is this what you let history record ?

If so the new testaments of time

will issue you no reward.

For Nigeria there will be no reward.

For this crime is the most despicable

wicked with blatant disregard.

Nigeria you Must  “Stand up “.

Women of the world must unite-..

or there will be a terrorist

at your daughters school one day. 


We the people tell government what to do. The point of government is supposed to be to protect the people. It does matter where we are, the entire world is each others responsibility. People are what matter in this world not the money material or location. The point of life is procreation in the name of love for all life. Im asking you please at the minimum share this post and get the word out to help these girls as we look to build support to help. If this were your daughter you would be pleading for help. So I am pleading for help as a “wombman” these are my children as we are all of one spirit. If we can send search parties for sunken ferries and search parties for missing planes then why not search parties for a group of live (I pray to be ) Young girls. Don’t let this be swept under a rug. We all must get involved and stand in unity for the return of these girls.  Please contact us with any or send directly to facebook page./ Asiimwe Pius G  on facebook /or / Christina Stockberger @ ..or contact by e-mail lets all unify and help expose Nigerias lack of interest in this travesties, and help FIND them.


Please contact us with any information or send directly to facebook page./ Asiimwe Pius G  on facebook /or / Christina Stockberger @ ..or contact by e-mail

Please lets all unify and help expose Nigerias lack of interest in this travesties, and help FIND them.!







Acquah Vicki is a Poetess based in the United States of America.

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