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#Bring Back Our Girls


#Bring Back Our Girls

The hopes of many youth are made shaky,insecure and erratic,

Why has the sweetness of tranquility and peaceful existence turned sour, Mothers are wailing,

Fathers are weary, *we want our girls back*bring our girls*

For how long shall we weep, Our voices have gone faint, and our eyes made sick,

Our heart are saddened and our fears are no longer mediocre,

Our tremble are not bogus we seek Peace, stop the killing, *We want our girls*bring our girls*

If for a moment the pains we feel the whole world could know,

Then we will all assemble and cry solemnly to God for peace, militant menace must stop,

we seek peace,

we want redemption,

We want unity,

we want fairness,

we want salvation,

*we want our girls back*Bring back our girls*



Adeleke Rachael Olayemi is a 17 year old poetess based in Nigeria. 

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