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The Caged Bird Sang


Maya Angelou



The caged bird sang a song of hope

When long the day, to help her cope

With a song of freedom from despair

A cry to every caged bird where

They are in fear to fly


Her melody erased the rage

Of birds who stalk their narrow cage

Imprisoned birds were loosed the day

They turned their cheek the other way

And chose to join in song


Oh how the others sang along

With heartfelt joy, they sang her songs

On distant hills and dawn-bright lawns

The sound of freedom rang


One fair morning with the dew

With lifted wing, away she flew

Freely leaping with the wind

In orange sun rays, did ascend

To name the sky her own

 ‘The Arachneed Journal through this poem by poetess Kay Salady thus pays its tribute to the great soul that has truly inspired millions across the globe to make our world a better place. ‘ – Arnav Anjaria, Editor-In-Chief, The Arachneed.


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Kay Salady is a writer based in Arizona, USA. She is read internationally having published works in India. She is also the author of “A Teardrop Fell” and a member of Member, World Poet’s Society, World Congress of Poets,World Poets Laureate International, World Hope Poets,National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

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