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#RiceBucketChallenge by Tibetan-Flemish Circle of Friends and The Arachneed Journal on 7th September 2014



hhjklHyderabad,India : It isnt an unknown fact any more that the Rice Bucket challenge in India has gone viral on the social media. It has drawn large number of people into its fold with groups and individuals taking up novel challenge to freely distribute rice, quintals and tons of rice to the needy people in their surroundings. Thus the 7th of September witnessed another case of the popularity of the #Ricebucketchallege in India. For the readers of The Arachneed, Karma Dhondub Dennis Barbion is not an unknown name, we have regularly published numerous press releases of his social and political activism, as an activist based in Belgium, Dennis has for long been engaged with the welfare of the Tibetan refugee communities in India and also remains one among the most vocal supporter of the Tibetan cause in the European Union. As the rice bucket challenge gained greater momentum, Dennis was among the millions who read about it on the social media, who also saw his friends organizing the Rice Bucket challenge in certain parts of India, but then Dennis is not an merely an arm chair activist who merely logs in to start a revolution, for his and his supporters he is a man who believes in action, that yields results on the ground. In a message to The Arachneed, Dennis was quoted as saying “When I saw pictures and read articles about the Rice Bucket Challenge, it really touched my heart.

kklaqTherefore, Dennis contacted The Arachneed to help facilitate the organizing of # Ricke Bucket Challenge, for which he generously contributed. We readily agreed here and thereafter began the spree to organize the event. From the contribution that we received from Dennis, we purchased a quantum of 125 kilograms of Rice, around 5 bags of 25 kilograms each. These bags of rice were purchased to also commemorate the celebration of the International Day of Charity on 5th of September. Next day here was spent in unpacking the rice bags and then packing them into smaller quantities, a mammoth task, though made simple by our team members.

Next day i.e. the 6th of September was spent in identifying the place where we would be distributing the rice. As being a part of a campus community, the place identified was a building under construction. Presently there are roughly 200 workers who are engaged with the construction work and they all live around the site. There are families of these workers who live with them, we could also find large number of children there. Thus therefore what was decided was to distribute the rice at this venue since as they say “charity begins at home”.

On the 7th the local organizing team battled the rain and the cool breeze to organize people and reach the site. The chief guest for the event wahbv Mrs. MN Meenakshi. There were several other students who also volunteered in this humble cause, they included Limakumla from the Indian state of Nagaland, Atoosa Bahadoori and Mohsen Hallaj from Iran, Mubarak Hussein from the Indian state of Assam, Jai Prakash Bishnoi and Kaluram Sundwa from the Indian state of Rajasthan,Acharawadi Maenchaad and Luxsnai Songsiengchai from Thailand . The multi media support for the event was provided by Jayakrishnan VU.

Thus at the site the packets of rice were distributed to a total of nearly 100 people or so who came to collect the rice. There were women who participated in the rice bucket challenge in large numbers and children participated as well. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. MN Meenakshi and before the distribution, what was discussed and talked about was the reason for organizing the Rice Bucket Challenge and the contribution of Karma Dhondub Dennis Barbion for this cause.

Thus it certainly has been a long day at The Arachneed. We convey our best regards to Karma Dhodub Dennis Barbion, who also is , as our readers would know, the President of the Tibetan-Flemish circle of Friends for his generosity and the novel initiative.

We feel honored to have helped this philanthropist in realizing his endeavor to contribute to this noble campaign. As Dennis asserts in his video message that “The Rice Bucket Challenge is not just about rice but about connecting with people who desperately need help, to show and express our loving kindness, and to practice generosity, sharing with others.”

 Thus at The Arachneed we just hope and pray that the # Rice Bucket Challenge gains even greater momentum for the fact there is enough food for all of us..if we could care to share with people around us.

Signing off,

Arnav Anjaria



Arnav Anjaria, Editor in Chief, The Arachneed

Arnav Anjaria, Editor in Chief, The Arachneed



Arnav Anjaria is the Editor-In-Chief of The Arachneed Journal

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