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Poetry of Our Times


Spend a little squander a lot
In the end what have we really got
But memories and dreams
That flux on water in endless streams,
Remaining dormant until aroused
By our consciousness,
Welcomed and espoused,
Reviving ancient memories of bygone times
Where love, jealousy, envy and anger
Dominated those times.

Our lives and our possessions
Have become merely reflections
Of a time spent long ago
In constant motion to and fro;
They were the fruits of our labor sadly,
In that superficial reality,
Which has now evaporated into the abyss,
Where its entrance is firmly shut­off to eternal bliss,
Devolving back to their atomic form,
And trapped inside the abyss in a psychedelic storm.

Never forget we are spirits instead
That will journey back to the chief architect;
Never forget who we are,
As vanity pushes us away and far.
We are not our gadgets, our clothes or our car;
We are individuals with hopes, dreams and wisdom ajar.
If our gadgets were to flump it would surely disintegrate;
But our spirit is an entity that will never share that same fate;
Star Trekking in space to unseen dimensions
Where there exists no limitations,
And our eternal spirit can revel with delight,
With an end to battles we were obliged to fight,
And where parallel universes exist in harmony,
Which we are licensed to delve in, with total impunity,
Where the duality of our past lives has no more validity
In this great new existence of pure sublimity.

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy

Shahrokh Sharifrazy is A trained mathematician from the University of London..Shahrokh has been an accomplished teacher of Mathematics for a long time and is now full time journalist.  He originally hails from Iran.

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