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Search For Justice on the Streets

Artists Performing at Bhadrakali Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

Artists Performing at Bhadrakali Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu,Nepal: On the occasion “World Peace Day” and the closing of 2nd phase of Anti-Rape campaign in Nepal Abiral – The Arts Group has conducted a series of four street plays  called “Nyaya Khai??” (Where is Justice?) at Basantapur, Tripureshwor and Vatrakali of Kathmadu, the capital city of Nepal and Patan lalitpur on 21st September. The street play was performed at the end of a huge mass rally against rape.

‘Nyaya khai??’ Is the story of a woman called ‘Sanumaya’ from the rural village of Nepal whose husband works abroad to earn his livelihod. Thus the scenario of the play is set in the armed conflict in Nepal between the Maoist & Nepal Army. In the story, Sanumaya gets raped both by tyrants and Nepal army for serving enemies of nation. However, after the peace agreement between both the parties and those rapists themselves become a leader and the condition of Sanumaya remains painful. 

The play ends with the symbolic statue of Sanumaya holding weighting plate on her hand, which is not balanced. Here she represents the real situation of millions of women in Nepal who were victimized of the extreme level of violence & which are not heard yet and remain helpless.

The duration of the play is  of about 20 minutes but it has tried to portray the story of millions of women for so long. Audiences were very involved in the performace so they were crying with Sanumaya, which proves the worthiness and effectiveness of the shows. ”Around 45 years old woman was crying during the whole drama and by the end of drama she came and hug me tightly. She cried lot and I could not stop myself. I felt the work was honored. ”, said Kabita Bahing Rai ”President of the Abiral – The Arts Group ( Sanumaya character) .


While addressing the masses,Renu Rajbhandari from WOREC said, “The story is not only of the Sanumaya but of millions of Sanumaya in Nepal. Those were our tears that rolled out of her eyes. The drama is strong enough to make people think about the issue”.

The play was  witnessed by more than thousand people altogether and has now become a strong medium to make the issue heard. The artist were Kabita Bahing Rai, Kalpana Kulung Rai, Shakti Rai, Krishna Tamang, Santosh Poudel, Sabina bhatta, Rajan Thapa , Neekunza Bhandari(director) and Ananta Ghimire (script) .

As Abiral’ is a non Governmental organization which deals with all kinds of arts and focuses to serve society through preserving, promoting arts and arts culture. It focuses  on  raising awareness on the burning social issues that have been prevalent in society. As per to reach their our goal,till now they have performed many stage shows, street plays, Charity shows and many more. As being the part of Anti- Rape campaign from very beginning, this street drama played a very essential and strong part to overcome on the objective of campaign and WOREC Nepal  has supported the play.



Kabita Bahing Rai is a social activist based in Okhaldunga, Nepal.  She is the Founding President of Abiral- The Arts Group and also works as an artist. She is currently  engaged in many national and international social youth organizations as volunteer and as a youth trainer.  With a bachelor in sociology and journalism, she is interested to contribute her knowledge among for social change through art and youth empowerment.


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