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unknown (1)Human mind is like an elf with no self only succumbing to emotions .

An orphan rainbow child , unguided and not loved yet so grounded, her presentation is so detailed and perfect.

This project ,of drawing bottles by the family appears to have been done by the art teacher adding glamour,variation and oomph factor. The emotional mind works wonders in the maths class as her birthday is approaching . She is looking forward to the family reunion. In case of a disappointment as in the case the child’s parents could not celebrate her birthday as the mother had to be admitted for confinement.

She was so sullen and depressed that her performance slackened till her parents were summoned and detailed about the performance and contribution to the class activity is greeted with little interest and more an act of duty and teachers presentation involves variation, colour, and  oomph factor. Why do we perceive this variability ?
The nature of mind resorts to the development of the right hemisphere which is emotional and the left hemisphere which is logical. For better functioning of both the hemisphere the Corpus Collasum connecting the two halves of the brain needs to be developed with varied passion.
A Sex workers child has drawn the national flag between the legs with a onlooker face frowning , this child is being fed with negative thoughts, which is harming his emotional quotient , hurting ,derogatory comments will perturb the child .

This I a diet plate,which helps in training the subliminal effect in the mind, designed by my daughter Mahima and me , food placed in this plate maximizes , when the accountability increases the intake will reduce this training the mind using visual effects. The reptilian segment of the brain is attacked.

Inmate of the Alipore jail has drawn such beautiful representation of her thoughts which detail harmony, proximity and passion with the environment and the house in the periphery. She is in the jail yet her thought suggest love and passion. This lady has drawn a systematic representation of the Alipore jail.She has requested for justice for herself in the most silent and dignified manner .



Child residing in the jail draws a very disturbed house , with no uniformity in choice of colours and aggression in the strokes and their nature. There are 26 children who are going to attend the school from the 3 rd of June age is from 2 to 6 years, they are used to abusive strong and ruff language. Every day the co prisoners imprint on their forehead once a criminal is always a criminal.

There is a lot of hatred and disdain in these children , no passion and love. This primary school will train them to outgrow their hatred and become more competent and affectionate.

I have promised my friend to raise money through the selling of my paintings to support the functioning of  this school. There will be two teachers. The classroom looks  like this.

There are in total 52 children living in the women cell of Alipore jail . 26 children are under two years of age and will not be attending the grooming school . 

Twenty Six children are ranging from 2 to 6 years they will attend the school . At present the funds were restricted , they were being funded by sir optimist an NGO . The two rooms will educate children in groups of 2 to 4 and 4 to 6 years , these children can and will get a chance to compete for bigger schools. At present they are used to foul language and are destructive by nature .every minute the inmates beckon them as criminals child you will be a criminal .

My role will be to sell my paintings and raise money to give fee to the teachers so that they can do full justice . 

I have submitted my credentials so that I can join as there art teacher and teach them love and compassion.




Dr. Gouri Kumra has been  Practicing obstetrics and gynaecology in Kolkata, India since 1990.Is also an Educationist in schools and was associated with times of india since 1999 till 2005 . She wrote as Gouri goes giddy with her guitar .’Your health’ an Indian Medical Association journal carried her articles on adolescent health from 2003 to 2005. Since 2013 she has been an artists who has engaged in introducing the subconscious mind

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