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Eyes Without a Face



Eyes without a Face

I suddenly jumped out of a mysterious lingering dream that seems to be haunting

But didn’t quite leave me out screaming,

A wandering eye scans the vast space in time reflecting with a weary stare quite saddening.

Through this crystalline mirror I witnessed how the world came to be

How it was created by the invisible hand of our loving Almighty

Out of love He gave life to things that are meant to be magnificent, stunning and carefree,

That’s the genesis of it all but look at how terror in this once peaceful paradise now reign

People inflicting each other incessant pain,

What happened to this once beautiful Earth His masterpiece?

Can we ever find harmony and eternal bliss?

These eyes without a face out of the blue started to weep

As slideshows of evil doings of mankind flashed before my very naked eyes,

I suddenly felt pain piercing from a deep part of me

But what can I do alone amidst all these misery?

Mercy for me and my brethren came overflowing this heart of mine

Staring at these teary eyes I begin to question myself

Have I done my fellowmen good?

Although different predicaments were not at times fully understood

Have I fed the hungry, offered shelter to the homeless, listened to a weary lost soul?

And be a friend to someone who feels alone amongst crowds of hypocrite people.

A beaming light then blurred these eyes without a face

As an angel stepped down from a heavenly pedestal lead me to a room

With immaculate white walls and shiny crystal ball at the center of this sanctuary

I was asked to take a peak at what our Earth used to be covered with greeneries,

Clear, blue skies and all are in dire harmony.

No drought, no deadly floods claiming innocent lives at a snap

No bombings, no power struggle for supremacy, everything was so simple then

But as man acquired advanced knowledge and skills

He became self-centered, rude and discontent,

We are our brother’s keeper and Mother Earth is our responsibility

Not just a refuge, a shelter but the heaven’s gift to mankind.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright 2012




Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a Professional Feature Writer/Creative Writer/Journalist/Blogger/Published International Poet and Author/Online English Instructor/Editor/Proofreader/Speaker for Koreans. She is a multi-awarded and widely-published contemporary writer/poet/artist. She has already published 2 international books, “Seasons of Emotions”, (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse”, (USA). Her articles and poems have appeared in international online magazines, literary magazines and printed publications. She has co-authored more than 50 international poetry anthologies including global charities in the USA, UK, Canada, Romania, Africa and India. Elizabeth also reviewed and endorsed several books of foreign writers and poets.

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