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Dear Bohemian Man: A Poetic Rendezvous

300600_461361930616154_351735998_nThe Arachneed brings to you an exclusive interview with poetess Subi Taba, a distinguished personality from India’s North Eastern region. In 2013 Subi was adjudged as the first runners up at the Miss North East beauty contest.Thus beyond the glamorous arena Subi is a serious thinker and a researcher at work pursuing her Phd in Horticulture at Assam Agricultural university.This anthology should certainly inspire aspiring poets to publish their works and contribute to make life much more beautiful. In this interview Subi talks about her convergence with Poetry, her life as a popular personality and the nuances of life as an author and as a model.



Subi Taba, Author- Dear Bohemian Man

Subi, thanks much for  talking to The Arachneed, you have been popular a face in the media , in such a scenario what inspired you to come up with the Bohemian Man?

 I have always loved words and quite fascinated by the power of words in our lives which includes media and writing. Writing has been a long-term plan of mine and sooner or later I knew I was doing it. Seeing so many creative and talented writers have inspired me to come up with my own creation.

how do you deal with popularity given that you have a large set of people who know and admire you for your work, do you mingle more with people or you are an introvert?


Well I don’t know how popular I am. But I am very thankful to all the people who appreciate my work and look up to me. I want to be known for my work and aspire to inspire and touch people in meaningful ways.
I am not an introvert. I think being an introvert is such a waste of time and of wonderful moments that can happen when we open ourselves up to people.

 it can be argued that a book can be a way to reach out to people, you’ve already been in the public sphere as a celebrity, people know you as a model, as a socialite , so in the Bohemian man, which Subi are they gonna come across? Subi the model- the celebrity or does this book offer a newer perspective about your persona ?

When we are a public figure, we have to always watch our tongue and limit public access to our private lives. But in my book people will come

Subi Taba (left), Miss North East 2013- First Runners Up

Subi Taba (left), Miss North East 2013- First Runners Up

across a very different shade of me. I have bared the human in me with both light and dark aspects. It will bring light of someone who is dreamy, impassioned and overtly sensitive.

At Times writing is never easy for someone who leads a hectic life, how long did it take to complete the Bohemian Man ? were you working extra time too complete the book ?

The poems in the book have been written in different times and places. Some while travelling, some while inside the classroom, some at early dawn and some during sleepless late nights. It took about three months to compile the whole poems. Yes, I had to give extra time to balance with my various responsibilities. Though the whole process was backbreaking but it is one of my best experience of my life!

how has the initial response been for the book? how has the reaction of your fans been?

I got a very positive initial response for my book. Readers who have read the book has given so much love to my book and some have shared their pictures with the book in facebook and instagram, which is very sweet. Professor Asim Ranjan Parhi, who is a poet himself from Orissa, said, “The most striking part of the whole body of poems is its instant lyricism, verbal chemistry clubbed with an environment, so endearing, animated and passionate to both the eyes and other senses!” and had a few words of praise for the book “How can one afford not to read such a ‘must read’ adventure in pure feeling in the times of dull, manufactured fictional upstarts?”
It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated and I want to thank all the people who have bought a copy of my book.

 Are we seeing a transition towards writing from modeling or you believe in simultaneity ?

 Writing has always been a part of me. But winning beauty pageants like Miss North East has played a pivotal role in shaping my life and has taught me to believe in myself. So I will live life as it comes and if I have time and a good purpose, I would love to do many things.

subi1has there been a change In the way you look at life,like the way you before you won the beauty pegeant and became a model and now ? if so what’s the change. maybe you remain the same person but has the outlook changed ?

Yeah I think winning beauty pageants have broadened my vision about my own life and refined the art of using words to express myself and having my say in things I believe in. It has made me become more matured emotionally and confident as a person with a positive sense of pride. Also, I have become more aware of the possibilities that life throws your way. Well, as a person I am still the same person I was, but with much more layers of experiences.

in this day and age where social media is so omnipresent , young and old all hooked to social networking , there is a fear that it’s leading to a fake sense of popularity and engagement and in a way greater self aggrandizement , as someone whose been in the popular frame , what would your advice be to people on handling social media and popularity?

 Social media is really addictive and especially more harmful than useful for young students with massive academic responsibilities. We need to come in terms with the reality of our life, plan our goals and work accordingly. We need to have self control and use social media for good purpose and to gain knowledge rather than waste our time on it.

to whom do you dedicate this book to?

 I have dedicated the book to my family, friends and teachers and the reader. This book is for those people who love poetry, romance, little drama and finer aspects of life.

many reading this interview are aspiring authors, now being a published author, what’s your advice for them ?

 If you have an idea, just pick up your pen or laptop and write down your story. If you don’t do it now, it will never happen. I swear by these words, “Seek and you will find. Want and you will become. Work and you will achieve.”

and at last , would we get to read more from Subi Taba the author?

 Yes, that’s the plan. I am soon planning to pen down a story that has been in my head for a long time. For now, I am calling the book, Truly Alive.
And thanks a lot for the interview.




About the Book:

The book is available online in all the online book retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, Sapnaonline and BookaAdda. The ebook is also available in Kindle, Kibo, Scribd, GooglePlay and Rock Stand.


Publisher: Notion Press. ISBN: 978-93-52060-52-8, Price : Rs. 150







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