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‘Teachers of today are more sensitive and more aware on the environmental issues’–


‘Write For The Earth-Write with The Earth’ is a new initiative by The Arachneed Journal and  Compassion Activism Charity- Belgium.  A worldwide essay competition for children from 6-16 years of age.  

As part of this initiative The Arachneed brings to you and exclusive interview with Vassiliki Mandalou, She has extended her support to this initiative.  

Here she shares her views on the initiative and how teachers and students can collaborate for a more environmentally sustainable future.  

1) How important is the environmental issue to you personally ?

~ Environment is all that surrounds us , including ourselves. We all are a part of this circle called Nature / Environment. So it is inevitable not to care about it ; it is like not caring about our own lives. We cannot be apart from the environment. So destroying it , is a synonym of the destruction of human race , too.

2) What role do you think teachers globally can play in developing environmental consciousness ?

~ The teaching approach on this issue should be encouraging their learners to spend more time outside as well as to make lessons out of the four walls of the classroom. The more we allow ourselves to be connected to natural environment the more alert we are and the more information we attract via all the senses . After all the more senses participate to learning procedure , the better and the more profound the knowledge become. “Show me and I will forget , involve me and i will learn”

3) How do you think educational institutions can contribute to securing an environmentally sustainable future ?

~ By giving chances to teachers and students express their opinion and -of course- by creating activities and programmes for environmental awareness.That is magazines written by specialists on nature’s issues aiming to students , speeches , computer webinars and exibitions, drastic measures and codes for all levels of learners , adults too , on how they can contribute to a cleaner planet. No action ,no matter how small,is ever insignificant.

4) What do you think about this new essay cup initiative by Arachneed Journal and CaC?


~ I think this is a nice try to make more people globally aware of what is going on in this planet , looking thoroughly on this matter in a more global way. Such deeds should increase.

5) How do you think literary activities can contribute to resolve the environmental crisis?

~ When we write about an issue , we make it more important. And the more we write about it , the more in our priority list it comes.

6) According to your own experience, how conscious are the teachers of today as far as environmental issues are concerned ?

~ Teachers of today are more sensitive and more aware on the environmental issues.It’s bee a long way till now and struggles have been made upon this and I can say that teachers of today really do a great job with their learners . We see that from kindergarden to universities , education contains topics on environment’s scopes.
7) what key points should the students consider while writing the essays ?
~ key points is what their nearest environment has problem with. I believe that we must fcus first to our closest environmental issues , i.e. If the citizens of Brazil face water pollution , they should deal and write about it first , if the citizens of the Amazon face the deforestation plague , they should focus on this and so on. Each one of us should focus on their near environmental issues , simply because
i) we are better informed and aware on issues close to us and
ii) in this way we work on a global team work and all together we can show the mosaic of environment’s problems. It is good for people of india , for example to care about the distinction of a species in the Amazon river , but shoudn’t it be more effective if they focused on the pollution of Ganges first ? It would be nice for people of Greece , for example care about Ganges , but shouldn’t it be more helpfull if they tried to show the problems of the mediterranean pollution ? and so on.
If we all show the problems of our region and work on them , we split up the tasks , we collaboratively work on a common project this of environment and thus in the aftermath we can connect and add all of our group actions into the greater action for the protection of the global environment.

Vassiliki Mandalou is a teacher of Literature , Poetry , Linguistica and Philosophy. She studied classical letters and Philology in the University of ioannina-Greece and made her specializes in teaching children and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities at the Technical University of Larissa-Greece. She has  been teaching since 1999 and her major project includes “Poetry In Motion” .  She is  a member of the United Poets Laureate International and a speaker in European Conferences. She also is a freelance writer and volunteers for the care of children with difficulties and cancer patients. As a Holistic Healer she holds the 5th grade of Reiki and teaches Hatha Yoga and raja Yoga. She tries to combine mindfulness and self awareness with her literature and philosophical teachings.

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