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‘Hong Kongers have the right to self-determination’: Demosisto

demosistoHong Kong: Hong Kong’s newly launched political party, Demosisto, in its official statement has strongly condemned the arrest of its members by the Hong Kong police.  

Following a recent blockading of the motorcade of Zhang Dejiang, the chairman of the standing committee of the national people’s congress by Nathan Law, Oscar Lai, Joshua Wong, Cheuk Kiu Chow and Benny Ng.

Joshua Wong, has been widely revered, outside Hong Kong as the face of the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong and the emergence of the newly formed Demosisto by those who led the Umbrella Revolution has marked the beginning of a new chapter in the domestic politics of Hong Kong.

The statement issued by the Demosisto asserts that the members of the party are currently in custody while the party has called the action byumbrella the police as ‘Unreasonable’. It also further dwells upon the idea of self determination for Hong Kong.

The party was launched last month and since then this has been a major action that has been undertaken by the members of the party, as per the outlook of the party it does seem that the party seeks to combine social activism and electoral politics as there are indications that it would contest in  the upcoming Legislative Council Election. 

According to Demosisto and as per the text of the statement, this is what they call as ‘a fight for dignity’.

It remains to be seen as to how far can Demosisto can convince the citizens of Hong Kong and if it can match the popularity of the students group Scholarism which was the cornerstone of the earlier Umbrella Revolution. 

Moreover, emergence of Demosisto is a democratic challenge for the Chinese government something that it rarely faces within the contours of mainland China, thus largely what remains unanswered is how well can the government deal with Demosisto through channels of Democracy?






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