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Why Losar…?

Losar is a our Tibetan new year…there is a tradition in Tibet  not to celebrate  losar  when somebody in our family dies…this year had been really tragic for us, as we had 12 self immolations in Tibet  since march 2011…our brothers and sisters in Tibet  sacrificed themselves for our country and for us. and for our religion…so our people are requesting the Tibetan community to not  celebrate losar..

This is  true that we all are really sad and  we all mourn the sacrifices of our martyrs. but not celebrating losar is really not the way….If we see the present situation of our country . Chinese govt has been trying to destroy our cultural traditions, we need to do everything which helps us to retain our culture  and let the young ones know more about  Tibet’s culture and tradition..

Thus what I want to state here is , Losar ignites the Tibetaness within us… On this occasion we proudly splash our culture and tradition to the whole world. We wear  our traditional attire, reflecting our identity… The Tibetan kids all over the world are aware of losar,.they wait for this occasion where they get new colorful  “chuba” and receive gifts from the elders in the family as blessings …the whole house is filled with Tibetan music, with which we are so habituated that ,whenever I hear loud Tibetan music it  reminds me of losar..we do ‘Sangsoe’(a traditional way of burning holy leaves) every Wednesday in my hometown, but losar ‘Sangsoe’is different..Infornt of every house you get to see our Buddhist flags standing high waving so peacefully with so many colors and smell of the burning holy leaves and incense in the the sangphu(a traditional pot for burning sang which is a holy leave) which are  all done for the wellbeing of all living being and to drive the bad spirit away, the abundant traditional food made at home which stimulates our taste buds, special visit to our elders to get their blessing and visiting the monastery  during these 15 days of Losar…the cultural shows are really encouraging for the young Tibetans. the young ones not only watch these programs with excitement but also do participate in them…and the view of youngsters enjoying their cultural dance is really incredible and encouraging. If there won’t be Losar …than we ll definitely miss the opportunity where Tibetan not in one location but all over the world are being Tibetan in one particular period of time…

even our great martyrs wouldn’t love us doing that…I have heard people saying Chinese govt are paying to Tibetans in Tibet to celebrate Losar and we shouldn’t follow them…but if they are paying doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have Losar…they know we are going to oppose them, so that might be a trick of theirs. so my point is we should have Losar in our traditional way…Losar doesn’t mean celebration for us for this time of tragic period, but it is to show the world we are there and we do have our own beautiful culture which should be preserved and that we do  need their help to not let us die within us. let us have Losar in our tradition way and let the world know more about our pain which we Tibetans have within us but with a smile on our face..

we can do more of our Tibetan cultural programmes and collect funds…we should do something in mid during Losar,so that it doesn’t affect our traditional Losar and we can show our support and our love for our people in Tibet…we should make them know we are with them and they are never forgotten. there are many views about Losar regarding this topic…and I would love to hear them and share it on The Arachneed!

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Jamphel Lhamo

  • Jamphel Lhamo,Editor-The Arachneed-Tibet


  • Jamphel Lhamo is a  passionate,free willing Tibetan student of Business Management,based in London. She is also a trained Nurse. The Arachneed is proud to have her her as our esteemed editor for our Tibet page. She can be contacted at 



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