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This Young Child

This young child with eyes of wonder

Lives in a world that’s torn asunder

By the disregard and greed of man

Yet she is safe within her clan


This young child with heart so pure

Rests in a home that is secure

She clings to mother’s dress of white

In supplication for the night

This young child so soft and tender

Lifts her voice in sweet surrender

To the God her father obeys

In accordance with his ways

This young child is so divine

Because this child is yours and mine

Her story is not new but old

No different from the child you hold

Yet this young child may walk alone

Without the shelter of a home

Or parents there to lead the way

To painting rainbows in her day

Kay Salady@Winslow, Arizona USA

Kay Salady is a writer based in Arizona, USA. She is read internationally having published works in India. She is also the author of “A Teardrop Fell” and a member of Member, World Poet’s Society, World Congress of Poets,World Poets Laureate International, World Hope Poets,National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

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