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The Goddess Code: Goddess In Womanifestation

(Below is an excerpt from “The Goddess Code: Godess in Womanifestation” by Mia Miata)

Fist acknowledging and paying homage the ancestors who have come before me, the Sun that rises every morning to greet me, Daughter Earth, precious Gaia, who sustains me and allows me to dwell in her sacred space and to have my being, Father Spirit who watches over me and protects me, and Big Mama Universe who birthed all things into being out of her cosmic womb!!

I am, Maat, Oshun, Sekmet, Shakti, Lakshmi, Kali, Oya,  Quan Yin, Yemaya, and Auset. I am Goddess (Nrtr), and Mother Spirit. I have been suppressed for centuries. I have been burned, tortured, and had my children ripped from me as they suckled my breast. I have sacrificed my life so that you may have life, but now I have been resurrected so that you my most beautiful, dear, and beloved sister can come into the full knowledge and complete understanding of herself. The ancestors in alignment with the Universe have sent me to awaken you and to indoctrinate you into the code, “The Goddess Code.”

The Goddess Code is simple in its inception. Fist honor and be true to the Most High Creator, then yourself, and lastly to the sisterhood. We were created in the image and likeness of the Most High Creator and from Divine Spirit we were conceived and bEarthed. As wombmen, we are natural healers, creators, mothers, and nurtures, but also as wombmen we are born into a sacred sisterhood, and must be keepers of the light, the divine light that burns from the first wombman that bEarth all of humanity. So stand up my sisters and regain your birthright. Repeat after me: “I am a Goddess, I am Divine, I am Wealthy, I am Beautiful, I am Happy,  I am Healthy, I am Fearless  and I am one with all Creation. I am a Freedom Fighter, organizer & motivator. I am a healer, protector & nurturer. I am devoted, loyal & outgoing. I am loving, determined & sincere. I am a leader and a follower. I am strong. I am the creator & the universe. I AM AN AFRIKAN WOMAN!!”  Blessed oh Great Cosmic Mother. Oh yee daughters of the Earth have heard your cry and we receive the calling to be that which you have created us to be. Oh may my cosmic twin flame, The Black man, only wake from his slumber, lift me up and come to the knowledge and overstanding that I, the Black Womb-man is God the Mother of Creation…A-She..

Chapter One: My BEarthday

  I know that it may seem hard to believe, but I have vivid memories of being born. I remember coming out of my mother’s womb and feeling an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I would even go as far to say that I felt lonely and unwanted in my mother’s womb. See let me explain, I do believe that my mother loves me. She even says that I was conceived in passion and love. My mother has difficulty showing, displaying, and receiving love. So even as an embryo you see, I knew that I would have challenges receiving the love and the affection that I desired. Overstand that the one who may have bEarthed us may have only been a vessel for our entry onto this Earth plane. Honor her as the divine gateway for your greatness and love her where she is. I have been healing my relationship with my Earth mother. Through and by your rite of consciousness attract a spiritual mother who will nurture you, for mother means to smother, but just as Big Mama Universe bEarthed you out of the triple Black womb of existence and continues to sustain you, so must every soul be connected to a whole wombman, an Oracle who will balance and restore you.

SiStar Myrah is that whole wombman for me, and for you Goddess I am eternally grateful. We give thanks for all mothers. When we honor the wombman that bEarthed us the Great Mother that bEarthed us all out if her black cosmic womb will honor us. Regardless as to how we may feel about of bEarth mother, when we can bow to her greatness for allowing us to rent space in her body for 9 months to allow us to come through her divine star gate we have truly been healed. Mothers are divine gifts from the Most High Creator. Imagine the pain of having to bury a child. The grief, tremendous loss, and a mother’s worst nightmare. We pay homage to our ancestors, mothers who had their children ripped from them, and to extraordinary mothers like Mamie Till Mobley, mother of Emmett Till, who was a brave warrior Goddess. She embodied the lioness Sekhmet inner(g), and she demanded that young Emmett’s casket remain open so that the world could see what hate and injustice did to her young cub. Shall we never forget, and had it not been for her vigilance we may never have known of our young fallen hero. A-she!!
I was born 6:11 am August 1, 1974 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Six months prior my 23 year old parents were married in my grandparents living room while she was three months pregnant with me. According to my father, Aquarius, born January 26, 1951, he already had one child in the streets, my half-sister Nicole, and he did not want anymore. You see, in those days when a man got a woman pregnant he did the honorable thing and married her. There was no such concept of baby’s mommas and baby’s daddies in those days. My first love has always been my dad. My fondest memories are of being an infant laying on my daddy’s chest listening to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Charles Mingus on the record player. I always knew that my dad loved me, and he has always been the nurturer in ways that my mother just was not able.
My mother, Taurus, April 29, 1951, was born the 7th of eight children in Baltimore, Maryland. You see, when you already have 6 young children ad a husband competing for your energy it is difficult to give love in abundance when you are trying to keep food on the table.  My grandmother, Taurus born May 1, 1904 in Mount Vernon, New York, never worked outside of the house and gave my grandfather, Pisces born March 14, 1914,  9 beautiful children. The first died at birth. So when my mother was born in the early 1950’s during the height of the Civil Rights and Equality Movements she was not only struggling for love in a household with nine other people, but she was also struggling to find her identity in a world and culture that rejected being Black and female; a double negative. So no wonder she found love in the arms of my father, the 70’s pretty boy, lover boy, dashiki wearing, peace and love, pass the joint playboy from the streets of East Baltimore. She carried his love child hoping that it would validate her as a woman, human being, child of the Most High, and Goddess in womanifestation.
I was born into the era of the Indigo Children. The Indigo Children are souls born on this Earth plane who come in knowing their purpose and have chosen to take on this incarnation for the purpose of being a light bearer and light worker for all humanity. I have always known that I was born to accomplish great things. I made the conscience choice before my birth to be born a woman, in Baltimore. I chose my parents, and all of the hardships and triumphs that I would encounter as I moved and manipulated through this incarnation.  My love for music was influences directly by my dad’s love for music. Jazz has always been a part of my DNA (Divine Nature Abides.)
I have always had knowledge that this incarnation has not been my first, but is certainly my last. My earliest dreams have been out-of-body experiences where my Spirit would rise out of my body. I would float around the room in my astral body like Peter Pan and look at my sleeping physical body laying in my bed. My ancient memory has from my earliest recollection blended between this life and previous lifetimes. As a child, I would have vivid memories of lives in ancient lands, crying at the feet at the crucified Jesus (Yeshua) as he suffered and died, and I have always been attracted to the 1920’s era, culture, fashion, literature, and music.
Growing up in a household with two working class parents, my mother a teacher, and my father a laborer, created an environment of comfort. My brother, Capricorn , born January 5, 1977, came along and changed my world. Finally, I could display the love that had laid dormant in my Spirit and in my heart to another living soul, and I knew that my love would be reciprocated without bias or distinction. I quickly put the baby dolls down and my baby brother became a living doll. I loved him, showered him with kisses, and took on the role of surrogate mother making sure that he was cared for and protected. I am a Leo, you see, my cubs are my pride and joy, no pun intended.
My brother easily played along with imaginary world of friends who were not really there in make believe worlds with make believe names. Although my brother is 2 ½ years younger than I, he has always been my greatest teacher and he possesses an old and ancient soul. My brother and I have shared many lifetimes together when we exchange guru and student roles. We belong to what is called the same soul group: a group of souls who travel the Universe together and who may or may not  incarnate on the Earth plane at the same time.
My parents did the best they could for my brother and I with the resources that were allotted. We attended Catholic schools our entire lives until my brother first then I decided to leave the Matrix and attend public high schools, where I auditioned and was accepted into the Baltimore School for the Arts. My parents took us on vacations and as a young black girl I have been afforded the best opportunities. We traveled to the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and visited his grave sight. In the fourth grade my family boarded a train from Baltimore’s Penn Station headed for Montréal and Québec, Canada. This experience had a profound effect on the rest of my life. Here I am, a little girl from Baltimore traveling to another country when most of my friends and peers have not even been to the other side of Baltimore or Washington, D,C. much less Canada. So it is no surprise that I have in my 36 years traveled to Paris, France; Milan, Italy; London, England; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Bonn and Frankfurt and Bonn Germany.
I am that Awesome, Divinely Made, Sugar-Sharp, Goddess, known as Mia Miata, and it is my divine birthright to be happy, healthy whole, and complete. I expect great things to happen in my life, now!!!!I am a child of the Most High Creator I have been sent to this planet to fulfill my divine purpose and to uplift the consciousness of man and wombman kind. This is the story of Mia Miata Norwood-Johnson, Goddess in Womanifestation.

Mia Miata


From Baltimore, Maryland, vocalist, Mia Miata brings us a rich sound of Soul and Jazz to captivate a style she calls “Jazzy Soul.” Mia is the host of widely popular internet talk show, “Goddess Talk Live.” She is also the owner of clothing live, “Goddess Creatress” and she will be releasing her first book, “The Goddess Code: Goddess In Womanifestation Volume I Words and Verses” scheduled for release in the spring of 2012 on Mia Melodic Publishing, LLC.


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