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I Traveled to the Depths of the Mariana Trench,

The Locket From the
Titantic in My fist I Still Clenched… 1,580 Miles Long,

Cast off the
Pacific just to Share this Poetic Song…. 

That’s Exactully how they Found Me,

Under water Lilies Amoungts my Hair that’s How the Ocean Captured and

Kept Me Hidden like The Treasure I Once had Bought, Sold Me
Out Like The Soul I had So Whole Heartily Sought…

Above the Surface Is
Where my Journey Began,

But Well Beneath The Currents is Where MY life took
it’s Final Spin.. Don’t Regret the Cool Of the Ocean Coming in to Drown Me,
Welcomed the Subduction like it was Jack Trying to Find Me…

But Me-Being
Rose Made Me want to Rise,

There in The Deepest is Where I Gave my Up my
Whole Life… The Day I Saw His Body Drift off that Wood,

The Sceanario of
Him Not Coming Back Violated my Woman Hood… No longer to Touch or Bind
Thy Waiting Lips,

The Portrait that He Painted Connected us Hip To Hip- A
Bond Coveted on the Fatality of that Ship… 

Down Goes The Vessel that
Brought forth our Spirits,

I quickly grab A Sea Shell so My Heart Could
Some how Hear It…. 

Sub Zero Iceberg Temperatures Created this Mortal

I too Anticipated Smooth Sailing as I set Sail From the Safety of
“The Cliff” Who Switched?

Watch The Sharks swam then Drift… Now I’m
Amidst Gravity and At the Center Of The CIRCLE, Telling you this Story From
the Mind Of A Oracle…..

Copyright ©Shantezy Legend 2011

Shantell Cooper is a poetess based in Michigan, USA. She has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old. She seeks to write in a way that readers can identify themselves with her words.

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