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A Tibetan’s plight..Yearning to go home..!

The place that I belong to…

This is not a song which I m writing about ..It is about the life of an ordinary Tibetan….

Our people in our country have a life of suffering without any human rights….

But what about Tibetans in exile…Do they live happily?

The question raised is about us…Tibetans like us who are born and brought  up in some other country .Since the day we learned how to listen, we hear that our country is not free…We participate in the protest because our elders asked us to do so…But when we reach  the age when we can understand things..we hear about our country ,nothing good but people dying and crying  for Freedom…


A Tibetan prays with the hope of returning back to his homeland at the Karmapa Monastery, India.-photo courtesy-Arnav Anjaria

Being a Tibetan makes me feel proud because I know I am a Tibetan and Tibetans are compassionate.They care for every living entity..Our parents always told us to be good to others ,help people in need if you can and make people happy before asking anything from them..They let us know about sympathy and empathy before we even learnt how to walk..

The pain of being a refugee and not being able to breathe the air of one’s own country is terrible..The stories of our people dying one after another  and many sacrificies which are going on still makes us so sad….And even  worst, Chinese authorities blaming the great self immolators as rub salt on a soul that is strained under pain…

Sometime we try to avoid the pain,we try to get out of the feeling of not having a nation,staying away from our own people  and sorrows within..But how can we forget our identity? everytiime people ask you where you belong….

Tibetan Children born in exile in India pray around the prayer wheel.-photo courtesy-Arnav Anjaria


Stranger – where are you from…

I proudly say – Tibet…

Stranger -What is that..?

Me  -my country ..and the highest plateau in the world(fact- I also came to know abt that when I studied geography during my school days)

Stranger  -how it looks.?

Me  -beautiful…

Then stranger – how long does it take to reach there…?

then that’s the time when I hesitate a bit,,I say -around 1 – 2 weeks (as I have heard people say)

the last question they ask me make me cry within,,

when is the last time you went to your country…??

(How can I say ‘Never’…Being  from Tibet ,the coutry I belong…then how is it possible that I have never been to my own country… )..I being  a buddhist do know that lying is a sin but  still I lie…

Me – I came to india when I was a kid…I was born in Tibet and never went back as my country is under the rule of a brutal chinese communist party…(fact –born and bought up in india)

on the walls of Mcleodganj..marking fifty years of resistance against the Chinese forces. photo courtesy-Arnav Anjaria


Smile on the face while saying these words but deep inside I know It pains….the pain of not being able to visit my own country hurts really bad…lying hurts…

The reason –once I told a friend that I am Tibetan …she asked whether I have ever been to Tibet….

The Tibetan Diaspora across the globe continues to struggle for the Tibetan courtesy-Jamphel Lhamo


Once again I said Never…..infact  I am born and brought up in india…

She then told me you are not a are an indian…because you were born here and have never been to Tibet…

I disagreed with her but still within I knew that I know more about India than my own country  Tibet(the country I belong)

So started an open group on facebook…As I know I am not alone..


which presently have 428 members,


Tibetan Exiles preparing for the Global day of Action for courtesy-Jamphel Lhamo

In the month of around oct 2011. Tibetan artist Tenzin Rigdol ferried 20,000kg soil from Tibet to Dharamsala, home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile, for his exhibit. The exhibition was titled “Our Land, Our People”

Rigdol took inspiration from his father’s wish, his own sense of helplessness and the longing of Tibetans in exile to return to their country.

these exhibition  of 20 tons of soil from Tibet touched a deep emotional chord among Tibetan exiles…even we being  far and unable to visit our own country …atleast we can touch our fatherland Tibet now..i will visit dharamsala and touch our Tibet  with our people around…this exhibition of Tibet soil really gave more hope..

I hope one day I will visit my country the place where I belong and can proudly tell the people that I have visited my country with no guilt of lie within..











Jamphel Lhamo, Editor- The Arachneed-Tibet

Jamphel Lhamo is a  passionate,free willing Tibetan student of Business Management.She is also a trained Nurse. The Arachneed is proud to have her her as our esteemed editor for our Tibet page. She can be contacted at


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